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Evans Hall is designed with two cubes connected by a common lounge on all floors. Within Evans you will have access to a kitchen, laundry facility, study spaces in the basement, floor lounges, a big screen TV, and much more! The main desk provides many items including games, kitchen equipment, and a change machine. The beds in Evans can be lofted, with the help of another person, using the loft pieces provided in the rooms.

Because we are a small community, getting to know your neighbors and forming close relationships is easy.  Not only that, but getting involved in campus and hall events, programs, and organizations is simple!

Students will have the opportunity to participate in programs geared toward building connections with students, faculty, and campus resources.

Evans Hall is located between Stewart Hall and the Student Success Center and just up the street from Polk Library. The hall shares a landscaped quad with Fletcher and Stewart Halls.


727 W. Lincoln Ave.
Evans Hall (room XXX)
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Basic Double standard room (shared room):

$2,444 per semester, $4,888 for the academic year

Basic Single standard room (private room):

$3,667 per semester, $7,334 for the academic year

What’s included in Each Room?

  • 2 loftable twin beds hardware provided (79″x 35″)
  • 2 mounted bookshelves
  • 2 desks (46″ x 22″)
  • 2 desk chairs
  • 2 dressers (24″ X 24″)
  • 2 mirrors
  • 2 Closets (89″ x 44″)
  • 4 waste/recycling baskets
  • Curtains for blinds
  • Smoke detector
  • Carpeting

What’s On Each Floor?

Click each floor to see the floor plan
First Floor 108-115 (Female), 118-132 (Male)
Second Floor 201-216 (Female), 217-232 (Male)
Third Floor 301-316 (Male), 317-332 (Female)
Fourth Floor  401-416 (Male), 417-432 (Female)


Cable TV

Computer Services

Campus Resources

Desk Services

Laundry Services

Living Green On Campus

Loft Rental

Mail & Package Services

Meal Plan



Vending Refunds

Note: The University will not discriminate in room or hall assignments on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry. The University will attempt to honor, whenever possible, requests for particular accommodations. The University reserves the right to assign roommates, to change room or hall assignments and/or to consolidate vacancies by requiring residents to move from one accommodation to another. Failure to honor assignment preferences will not void this contract. (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – Housing and Dining Services Contract; 2021-22 Academic Year)

Looking to appeal your Residency? Go the Residence Hall Appeals

Things To Do While Living On Campus


The safety of our students and staff is our highest concern. Please read our safety measures here

Emergency Guide

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