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Room Repairs

Should you need to submit any maintenance requests to facilities management, this is done through a system called TMA.

Submitting a Work Order

Residents are responsible for writing work orders for things in their room. Residents are to report all Key Issues, both missing or damaged keys, to the Hall Front Desk. Desk staff will write the work order for all key issues. Desk staff and Community Advisors will write work orders for all common area issues. Please notify staff if you see anything. 

To submit a work order you must use on-campus internet or be signed into the UWO VPN, keeping in mind the directions above, please click below.

Information about TMA

TMA is a web site where each work order is created on campus for maintenance issues, key problems, or custodial requests, for residents and staff. Please remember to be as specific as possible when describing the problem or request. Once you have submitted a work order for your individual room, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address you have entered and an additional email will be sent once the work order is completed.

Emergency Requests:

Please contact hall staff for emergency work orders.

Emergency: Any situation posing immediate danger to life, property and/or the environment. The following are some examples of emergency work orders:

  • Overflowing toilet or washing machine
  • A prolonged power outage
  • Entrance doors that seem to not close properly

You will not need to submit a work order for the following:

  • Vending machine or laundry equipment malfunctions – report these to your front desk or CA
  • Light bulb changes – replacement light bulbs are available at your front desk
  • Garbage Bags – bags are available at your front desk
  • Simple cleaning of the room – if you are responsible for a minor mess, you are required to clean it up. Some cleaning materials are available at the desk for checkout.
  • Tool kits are also available for check out at your front desk

Missing or Damaged Keys

  • Residents will not write their own work order for any key issues. Key issues are missing or stolen keys, bent or broken keys, keys stuck in the door or jams frequently. This goes for halls that have seperate mailbox keys as well. 
  • If a resident suspects that a key is stolen, the resident will request the new key at the desk but we ask that the resident notifies their CA or Assistant/Resident Hall Director.
  • Residents are to notify the desk staff of any key issue and the desk staff will write and submit those work orders. The work order completion form will go to Residence Life Staff for tracking purposes.
  • Please notify your roommates that a work order lock change has been created and that new keys will arrive to the desk within the business week.
  • Residents are to hand in their old key to receive a new key.

If you need further clarification or instruction please contact your CA or Desk staff.