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Desk Services

Front Desk

Each residence hall has a front desk that will operate many functions for the resident while residing in the residence hall. The desk provides many items and services including mail & package services, key requests, checkout of items such as guest bathroom cards, kitchen equipment, tools, study/practice room keys, games and more. The following information is a basic breakdown of the desk and it’s offerings. If a resident has any questions, they can speak with a Desk Worker when the desk is open or contact Residence Life.


Desk Hours

Desk hours are Sunday – Saturday: 10:00am – 8:00pm during the academic year.

During Break Periods, like Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, the desk hours will be reduced to 10:00am – 1:00pm & 3:00pm – 7:00pm.


  • All Halls will operate at these hours during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, J-Term/Interim, Week Before Spring Semester.
  • 10am-1pm & 3:30pm-7pm
  • All doors will remain locked 24 hours a day, have your Titan ID to get in


  • Wednesday, November 22: 10am-1pm & 3:30pm-7pm
  • Thursday, November 23: CLOSED
  • Friday, November 24: 10am-1pm & 3:30pm-7pm
  • Saturday, November 25: 10am-1pm & 3:30pm-7pm
  • Sunday, November 26: Regular Academic Year Hours


  • Last day of Regular Academic Year Hours will be Friday, December 15
  • First day of Break Hours will be Saturday, December 16
  • Saturday, December 23 – Monday December 25 – DESK CLOSED for Christmas
  • Saturday, December 30 – January 1 – DESK CLOSED for New Year’s
  • Sunday, January 7 – Desk will be Regular Academic Year Hours JUST FOR THE opening day to J-Term, break hours resume Monday, January 8
  • Monday, January 15 – DESK CLOSED for MLK Day
  • February 5 – Resume Regular Academic Year Hours

During Legal Holidays, the desk will be closed unless the start of J-Term lands on New Years Eve or Day, then the desk will operate on that Sunday to ensure services are available for residents as they return from winter break and prepare for J-Term.

At the start of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, all residence halls moved to a 24-hour door locking policy. The outside doors have electronic card access and residence have card access to the hall they reside in. From 8am-10pm, residents can enter their hall from any residential entrance of the building. From 10pm-8am, residents will have to enter their designated Security Station Door indicated at each hall. Students will need to use their Titan ID’s to gain access to the building at all times.

*Scott Hall will have their main entrance open from 10am-12am midnight for access to Scotty’s food location.


Mail & Package Delivery

Mail & Packages from USPS, UPS, FedEx and other carriers will also be delivered to the front desk. Student will receive an email notification when a package has arrived at the front desk for them. They will need to present their Titan ID to the desk worker, during desk hours, to receive their package.

Please see the Mail & Package Services page for greater detail on:

    • How desk staff process resident mail and packages
    • How a resident is notified and picks up a package from the desk
    • How to address your mail and packages
    • How to get help locating a package

Mail & Package Services Page Here



Each student will be issued keys to their room/s and mailboxes. Donner, Evans, North Scott, South Scott, Stewart and Taylor will have 1 key. This key will give them entrance to their room as well as their mailbox. Fletcher will have 2 keys, one is for their room and one is for their mailbox. Horizon will have 3 keys, one is for their suite, one is for their individual bedroom and locked kitchen cabinet (for 4 bedroom suites), and one is for their mailbox.

If a student were to misplace or damage their key, they will be able to go to the front desk during desk hours to obtain a temporary spare key. If the key is lost, the resident can go to the front desk and request a lock change through the desk.

    • Donner, Evans, North Scott, South Scott, Stewart and Taylor lock change is $115.
    • Fletcher and Horizon Lock change is $155.

Please report any lost keys to the A/RHD of the hall.


Work Orders

Desk staff will complete the work orders for all missing or damaged keys/locks. Report as much detail to the Desk Worker so work can be completed as soon as possible.

Residents are responsible for writing their own work order for things in their room. Plese see the Room Repairs page on the residence life website on types of things to write work order for, what staff should be writing work orders for, and how to write the work order.

Room Repairs Page Here


Checkout Items 

Besides checking out packages and keys at the desk, there are many other things residents can check out in their hall. Each hall has a list of items posted at their desk or a Desk Worker can let you know what’s available. Some categories of times are, but not limited to:

    • Hall Common Area Keys – study rooms, piano/practice rooms, kitchen
    • Resident Keys – spare room key, guest bathroom card
    • Cooking – pots, pans, cooking and serving utensils, oven mits, mixing bowls, can openers, measuring cups
    • Tools – hammer, screw drivers, pliers, rubber mallet, shovel
    • Sports Equipment – assorted sports balls, frisbees, pool sets, bocce ball set, yard games, ping pong set
    • Games – board games, cards, cribbage boards, and many more
    • Misc Items – iron and ironing board, lobby TV remote, carts, fans

Items differ per hall and not all items listed as examples may be at each hall.

Horizon Village Residents Only – Toilet paper will be provided to all residents. They may receive additional toilet paper when needed, from the front desk during desk hours, up to two rolls of toilet paper, per suite, per week.


Donation Stations & Plastic Film Collection

Each hall lobby will have a Donation Station that will consist of 3 boxes; one for clothing/softlines, office supplies/misc. room items/hardlines, and food. All residents are encouraged to participate in some way or another, based on your need. If you have some clothes you are no longer interested in keeping, notebooks or binders that are still good you are done with, or food that’s till good that you are not planning on eating, please consider donating them in your hall donation station. Other residents in need of any times they see there are welcome to take what they need.

All items are to be collected throughout the year to be used for future student initiatives.

    • Food items will be collected on a regular basis and brought to The Cabinet on campus. This is for Oshkosh campus students can use the pantry once per week. To sign up, please visit their website The Cabinet – Food Pantry Here.
    • Clothing and other room/office supplies will be collected for campus Pop-Up Thrift Shops. NSFP put one on in Spring 2023 in Reeve and SIRT put one on in Fall 2023 during opening week.
    • All remaining items not used by these UWO events will go Oshkosh Community locations.

Each front desk will have a plastic film collection bin. Not All Plastic Can Be Recycled In Our Single Stream Recycling! Residents are to hand over plastic film to the desk workers to be recycled and they will place in a specific bin for collection. When ready, university staff will collect the bin and recycle at an off campus facility. The following are the types of plastic that needs to be collected separately:

    • Produce bags, shopping bags, ice bags, bread bags, cereal box liners
    • Ziploc and other re-closable bags, case wrap from bottled drinks, product wrapping
    • Newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, stretch film, package air pillows, plastic e-commerce mailers
    • *All plastic needs to be clean, dry and free of food residue

For more information, please visit our UWO Sustainability website on recycling and NexTrex for more information on plastic film recycling.


Laundry & Vending Refunds

Refunds are not given at the desk for machine refunds in the halls. Out of order machines can be communicated to the Desk Worker during desk hours or the CA during their shifts, but all refund requests will be reported online. For more information on vending and laundry machines in your hall and/or to request a refund, please click the links below.


Duty & Security Station

CA staff will be on duty every night from 8:00pm to 2:00am. If you need any help, assistance, or see any suspicious activity that you would like checked out, please call the duty phone number that is posted in each of the halls.

Each evening at 10:30pm, Security Station will open. Security station will be located at all hall front desks except for North and South Scott Hall. Theirs will take place in each tower located next to the first floor bathrooms. Residents will have to enter and exit the building through the designated door per hall. Posters in the hall indicate which door residents should use. Residents must also check-in at the Security Station as they enter the building by presenting their TitanID.

For more information on safety on campus and in our residence halls, please visit the Safety & Security Page of our website.


Other Helpful Amenities

Please see the additional amenities available on our website.

  • Cable TV – information on how to set up your TV, scan for channels, connect personal computers/gaming systems up in your room
  • Computer Services – NetID help, setting up Microsoft Office and Email, Canvas, WiFi, Titan Web, Printing
  • Campus Resources – UW Oshkosh Student handbook with access to many things like Academic Resources, Financial Resources, and Support Resources
  • Living Green on Campus – how to RECYCLE on campus, sustainable transportation available, what is means to be a sustainable campus and how we all can do our part
  • Loft Rental – Donner Hall, North Scott hall and South Scott Hall has rental loft, All residents are to work through the company for reserving, payment, and pickup
  • Meal Plans – more information on meal plan offerings and rates as well as information on campus dining location
  • Reeve Union – learn more about what Reeve Union offers for stores and food as well as events, organizations and what bring campus to life
  • Titan Athletics – see what sports events are being held on campus and how our teams are doing during their seasons


Check-In / Check-Out

Checking in to the building during the semester

All residents moving onto campus or into a new housing assignment during the year must meet with Residence Life to get approval and their placement. Once they have all of their paperwork and placement, the check in process will be run through the front desk area. When a student arrives to check into the building they will need to present their Titan ID and show their approval to move in. Resident will receive their keys, Horizon residents will get an RCI, and the resident can check out a cart to start moving in!

Checking out of the building during the semester

If a resident is checking out their housing placement, either out of building or changing rooms, the resident will need to connect with Residence Life. They will give move-out or room change approval forms as well as an Express Checkout Envelope. The resident must sign the express checkout envelope and have all keys at the point of dropping the envelope in the Express Checkout Drop Box at the hall being moved out of. If the resident does not do this they will be charged a fee for an improper checkout and a lock change will be charged to the student account for missing keys.

Checking out of the building at the end of the year

At the end of the academic year there will be an Express Checkout process in place. The expectations for Express Checkout will be communicated to residents at the closing floor meeting in early May as well as by email. If a student fails to follow the Express Checkout Process they could be subject to a fee on their account.

Checkout Room Layouts, Check Lists and Bed Height Information

Please see each residence hall page for specific hall information related to the checkout process. Additional emails and information will be communicated upon approval to change rooms or move out, but the following information is online for residents to reference or printout to help you with the move-out process:


  • What’s included in each room
  • Checklist of what needs to be done to the room before leaving
  • A basic diagram of what the room needs to look like
  • Delofting and bed height references
  • What do do with your keys and Express Checkout Envelopes