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Martial Arts Form

Guidelines: If a student wishes to use and/or have martial arts equipment in the residence halls, the following guidelines must be followed. These guidelines are set forth in order to promote the study of martial arts on campus without posing an unnecessary risk to residence and/or staff. Failure to follow these instructions wil result in a forfeit of these privileges and disciplinary action will be taken.

  • Students qualify to possess martial arts equipment in the residence halls if they are currently studying martial arts and/or have achieved a master level in the art.
  • Practice with equipment may only occur in areas approved by the Department of Residence Life.
  • All students wishing to use martial arts equipment must file the registration form before bringing the equipment to campus.
  • Students will only use wooden or foam padded equipment. Any type of bladed equipment is prohibited.
  • Only the owner of the equipment is permitted to handle or use it.
  • All equipment must be stored properly in the resident’s room unless being transported outside of the building.
  • Use of the equipment an any resulting damage is the sole responsibility of the person who filed the registration form. Any damage to University facilities will be assessed to the student. The Department of Residence Life will not be held responsible for any damages or cost associated with those damages.
  • All information in this form must be complete, and the resident must receive approval before the student has equipment in their possession.
  • If the equipment is of an unusual design or may pose a unique safety concern, it should be cleared with the Residence Hall Directory by means of a physical inspection.

Please complete this registration form and submit it to the Department of Residence Life before having the martial arts equipment in your possession in the residence halls. Any questions can be directed to the Department of Residence Life during normal business hours. The Department office is located on the second floor south tower of the Gruenhagen Conference Center, telephone number 920-424-3212.