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Contact Us

Below is a list of important phone numbers that are usually requested to contact us.

All campus numbers start with (920) 424 – XXXX. When you are on campus you do not need to dial all the numbers, just dial the last four digits. Otherwise, if you are dialing from off campus, you will need to add (920) 424 – XXXX at the beginning of the number.  The numbers listed below show only the on campus version.

Residence Life Office

263 S.Gruenhagen
208 Osceola St.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone: 920.424.3212
Fax: 920.424.0853

Hall Staff

800 Algoma Blvd
263 S.Gruenhagen
Oshkosh, WI 54901



Important Phone Numbers

You might also find these general important phone numbers useful.




x0202 Admissions
x3049 Advance Titan
x1034 Athletics/Kolf
x2181 Career & Professional Development
x3443 Central Stores
x3100 Dean of Students Office
x2391 Dining Services
x1122 Document Services
x3466 Facilities Management
x3377 Financial Aid Office
x2424 Health Center
x1246 Multicultural Education Center (MEC)
x3202 Oshkosh Student Association (OSA)
x4455 Parking Office
x1145 Postal Services
x1033 Project Success
x2424 Health Center
x2345 Reeve Union
x0303/3454 Registration/Scheduling Center
x1332 Student Accounts
x4000 Student Affairs Office
x1245 Student Recreation & Wellness Center
x1234 Titan Central (Titan Card Information)
x0277 University Books and More
x1212 University Police
x4334 USRH Office
1-800-533-6773 UW Credit Union


Residence Life Department Phone Numbers

The Department of Residence Life central offices are located on the second floor of the Gruenhagen Conference Center. Below are some important Residence Life phone numbers.



Cashiers Office x1338
Custodial Services x2393
EAA/OPE x3226
Facilities Office x2215
GCC Front Desk x1107
IT Help Desk x3020
Residence Life – Central Office x3212


Residence Hall Phone Numbers


Front Desk


Donner x1829 x1828
Evans X1825 x1431
Donner x1829 x1820
Fletcher x1731 x1730
Gruenhagen x1106 x0956
Horizon Village x1819 x1818
Scotts (North & South) x1162 x1169
Stewart x1801 x1802
Taylor x1831 x1830
Webster x1821 x1820