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RHD Benefits

1.  Competitive Salary

2.  Eligible for excellent State of Wisconsin fringe benefits (health insurance, life insurance, retirement, etc.)

3.  Furnished Apartment:  All RHDs are provided with a furnished apartment on the first floor of the building that has at least two bedrooms.  Each apartment has a washer and dryer located in the apartment, along with access to free cable (including HD channels and HBO) and internet.  Domestic partners, spouses and children may reside in the apartment under the Apartment Residency Agreement.

4.  Meals:  RHDs are provided with a complete meal plan.  They may choose from four different meal plans which allows for flexibility.  A meal plan is also provided for spouses, domestic partners and children residing in the apartment.

5.  Parking:  Professional staff members have a reserved parking space near their building. Unfortunately, paid parking is not provided by the Department of Residence Life due to state of Wisconsin purchasing restrictions. Professional staff members can purchase additional parking permits for their spouse or domestic partner, which are also reserved spaces near the building.

6.  Conferences / Professional Development:  The Department of Residence Life provides $1,100 per academic year for each RHD to use for their own professional development.  If an RHD is involved in a professional organization (i.e.  UMR-ACUHO, WCPA, ACUHO-I, ACPA, etc.) the department may provide some additional support for these endeavors on a case-by-case basis.

7.  Office / Technology:  Each RHD is provided with an office in their respective residence hall, including an iMac that is IBM compatible, a networked printer, access to a public server to locate and utilize department forms and documents, and e-mail account and voicemail.   Each RHD is also issued an iPad for professional use.

8.  Moving Expenses:  The Department of Residence Life will pay up to $250 towards moving expenses.

9. Pets-RHDs are allowed to have one cat or one dog, in addition to one fish tank, in their on campus apartment (up to 30 gallons).