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Apartment Accommodations


Do you have a domestic partner policy?

  • A domestic partner of the staff member (legally married or not) may reside in the apartment of the staff member.  You will be asked to complete a Domestic Partnership Agreement form.  Other benefits are also available to domestic partners (see 19, 20, 21 below under “Other Benefits”).


What are the “suites” that you refer to in your literature?

  • In two of our residence halls (South Scott and North Scott) we do not have the space for a full ARHD apartment.  In these two buildings, we provide the ARHD with a suite that consists of a fully furnished living room, bedroom and private bathroom.  We do not provide a kitchen in these suites, rather there is a kitchenette with a full-sized refrigerator and a microwave.


Can the apartment accommodate children?

  • While not huge, our RHD apartments all have at least two bedrooms and can accommodate children.
  • However, depending upon hall placement, some ARHD suites would be a challenge in terms of accommodating children.  Two of our ARHDs live in two-room suites with a private bathroom.  Kitchen facilities are not available in these suites (except in the common areas).


Are A/RHDs allowed to have pets?

  • RHDs are allowed some pets under the Department of Residence Life Pet Policy.
  • ARHDs are allowed to have fish only (same policy as students).


What furniture is provided in an ARHD and RHD apartment?

  • The living room, kitchen and bedroom are all furnished.  We typically do not furnish the 2nd bedroom due to the multi-purpose nature of that room (guest room, office, kids room, storage room, etc.).  We let you determine how you will use the 2nd bedroom.


Is there storage beyond the apartment itself?

  • In addition to an apartment/suite, A/RHDs are provided with a storage room somewhere in their building.


What if I have my own furniture?

  • You are welcome to provide your own furniture.  However, furniture that you are not using would need to be stored in your storage room.


What about cable packages?

  • An expanded cable package is provided in every apartment that includes High Definition channels.  This is the same package that the students are provided.  HBO is the only premium channel provided.


What kind of Internet connectivity / support do you provide for A/RHD personal computers with their apartments / suites?

  • High speed internet is provided in A/RHD apartments.
  • Wireless is available in the first floor public areas of most residence halls, however, it is “hit-or-miss” if that wireless connectivity works within A/RHD apartments.  It really depends upon where the A/RHD apartment is located.
  • Our Management Information Office (MIO) will assist A/RHDs in setting up their personal computers.
  • MIO will also provide A/RHDs with a switch that will allow A/RHDs to hook up gaming systems to the internet as well.


What about cell phone reception?

  • While a “land line” is provided in every A/RHD apartment, most A/RHDs rely heavily on their personal cell phones.  Most only use their land line for local calls.


Other Benefits


What type of benefits do you provide for spouses / domestic partners?

  • Besides housing, we do provide a meal plan for spouses or domestic partners.
  • Spouses and domestic partners are invited to many Residence Life activities and events.
  • Also UW System does offer some benefits through Human Resources for Domestic Partners.


What type of benefits do you provide to children of A/RHDs?

  • Children under the age of 4 can eat on-campus for no charge when accompanied by their parent.
  • When I child reaches the age of 4 we will provide a meal plan for that child.


Is parking provided?  If so, where do I park in relation to my residence hall?

  • Unfortunately, paid parking is not provided by the Department of Residence Life due to state of Wisconsin purchasing restrictions.  There is one reserved parking space for the A/RHD near their residence hall.  If the A/RHD has a significant other and requires an additional parking space, we will provide an additional reserved space, at an additional cost.
  • Most A/RHD parking spaces are in the parking lot closest to their building.  These spaces are reserved, and we try to position the spaces as close to the hall as we can.


Do you pay for moving expenses?

  • Currently, we provide $250 toward expenses.  For some this will pay for your entire move, for others it will only pay for a portion.


Professional Development


Is there an opportunity to take classes while at UW Oshkosh as part of my professional development?

  • A/RHDs are allowed to take classes, however, typically the department would not provide funding for those classes.  If a case can be made that the class is necessary for the execution and improvement of your job, then possible funding is available.


What opportunities are there for professional development?

  • All A/RHDs are required to be part of a Special Assignment Team.  Special Assignment teams give our staff an opportunity to build their skills and to gain a “big picture” perspective of student affairs and residence life.
  • RHDs receive $1,100 to use toward professional development (conferences, workshops, webinars, etc.).
  • ARHDs receive $800 to use toward professional development.
  • Many of our A/RHD staff are active in professional associations (WCPA, UMR-ACUHO, ACUHO-I, etc.).  Our department provides some additional funding and support for those staff members engaged in professional association work.


What types of graduate programs are offered at UWO?

  • The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has several Masters and Doctoral Degrees. Click here: