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Empowering Students

One distinct hallmark of the Department of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is our dedication to empowering students.  While this is easy to say in written word or talking points, we demonstrate our commitment to empowering residents through our actions on a daily basis.

Community Advisor – CA

The Community Advisor is a live-in student staff position. CAs are responsible for the development of a floor community, assisting in the safety and security of the building, and participating in a rotational duty program.

Community Advisor/Desk Manager – CA/DM

The CA/DM is a veteran staff member that has shown a desire and will to grow in the position. The CA/DM will live on a floor and be in charge of managing and supervising the desk operations, as well as, being a part of the duty rotation. This role is unique because these staff members will not have floor responsibilities.

Desk Workers

Under the direction of the CA/DM, the Desk Worker is responsible for communication of messages, operations of the Front Desk, and clerical work as assigned.

Hall Government

Each of our halls has a Hall Government comprised of student leaders who plan programs and advocate for the residents within their hall. Some examples of positions include: President, Vice President, and Treasurer to name a few. Typically the Assistant Residence Hall Director advises this group of students.

Community Service Officer – CSO

A partnership between the UW Oshkosh Police Department and the Department of Residence Life, the Community Service Officer (CSO) program serves to enhance the department’s law enforcement mission and to promote an environment for students that is conducive to personal growth and academic achievement. These students also serve in the Security Station rotations throughout our buildings.

Health Advocate – HA

Health Advocates (HAs) are students living in the residence halls that are trained on various health issues including colds and flu, first aid, substance use/abuse, sexual health, stress management, etc. They have supplies to handle minor health concerns, such as bandages, ice packs, common over-the-counter medicines, thermometers, and contraceptives, and they serve as a resource and referral agent in addressing your health and wellness needs. In addition to serving the health needs of individual students, HAs plan and implement at least one wellness program every semester in their residence hall, create monthly health-related bulletin boards and maintain active communication with the Hall Staff to address health and wellness issues specific to their residence halls.

Outside of the residence halls, Health Advocates participate in a variety of campus-wide health initiatives, such as establishing liaison relationships with wellness-focused student organizations (i.e. College Diabetes Network, Men in Nursing, Colleges Against Cancer, and Campus for Awareness & Relationship Education), serving as student representatives on the Campus Pride Task Force and AODA Task Force, and writing custom articles for each monthly edition of Student Health 101. They are also expected to staff health promotion events throughout the academic year.

For students who are seeking health education and resources from their Health Advocates, know that ALL conversations with HAs are strictly confidential. Health Advocates are bound by the same laws covering health and counseling service providers. Unless an individual is a threat to themselves or others, Health Advocates must always maintain confidentiality. 

Gruenhagen Conference Center – GCC

The Gruenhagen Conference Center employs a varying amount of students throughout the calendar year.  During the Academic year, GC employs approximately twenty students to meet the needs of the daily operation of the conference center, while in the summer months GCC employs an average of forty students.  Overall, student employees play a major role in the success of the department of residence life and the Gruenhagen Conference Center’s hosting of major events such as the Oshkosh Placement Exchange and the annual EAA Airventure aviation convention.