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Admission to The Honors College is selective. Because of the benefits awarded to Honors students, specific requirements must be met to participate in The Honors College and to remain active in this academic program.

Completion of the Honors Curriculum

The Honors College curriculum, which at 24 credits is roughly the size of a minor, must be completed by graduation for a student to be recognized as an Honors graduate. However, unlike a minor, your Honors requirements will also count toward your graduation requirements. With careful planning, Honors classes can have added value because of their ability to satisfy both general education and/or degree requirements. The Honors curriculum includes three Core Courses as well as Honors Electives:


  • HNRS 175Q: Honors Seminar
  • HNRS 275Q: Culture Connection
  • HNRS 475  or DEPT 474: Honors Senior Capstone (choose either the Honors Senior Seminar OR an Honors Thesis project)


  • The number of Honors Electives depends on each student’s level of progress at the time they’re admitted to The Honors College.  The Honors Advisor includes this information during the initial advising meeting and recommends specific Honors Electives based on the student’s major and individual needs.

Note: Students must earn a grade of C or higher in each Honors course to receive credit toward their Honors College requirements.

Grade Point Average Requirement

To remain in good standing, all students who participate in The Honors College must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2. Those students whose GPAs fall beneath the minimum requirement will be contacted by The Honors College and must meet with the Dean individually.

Students who complete the Honors curriculum and graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to 3.49 are designated Honors College Associates, which is is noted on their transcripts. They are awarded Honors Certificates at the Honors Graduation Ceremony. Students who complete the Honors curriculum and graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher are designated Honors College Graduates, which is noted on their transcripts. They are awarded Honors Medallions at the Honors Graduation Ceremony.

Participation Policy

Students are required to incorporate at least one Honors course into each semester until all their Honors requirements other than the Senior Capstone are met; however, if there are scheduling conflicts or circumstances that require a student to be away for a whole semester (e.g., study abroad program, job opportunity, or personal reasons), it is the student’s responsibility to contact The Honors College. Students who do not contact a staff member or schedule a meeting to develop a plan to address their lack of progress will be dropped from the Program. If you are unable to complete an Honors course during a particular semester, please complete this form. It is also highly encouraged for all Honors students to make an appointment with the Advisor every semester before the early registration period to ensure course selections are adequate to guarantee completion of all Honors College requirements by graduation.