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About The Honors College

The Honors College offers small class sizes and many co-curricular events to create a unique learning community for more than 500 students.

The Honors curriculum consists of three Honors Core courses as well as Honors Electives, which are smaller versions of required general education classes that are limited solely to Honors students. Through these unique classes and involvement in a small, supportive learning community, The Honors College provides a rewarding academic environment for highly motivated students.


It is the mission of The Honors College to foster an environment that allows the University’s most qualified and motivated students to fulfill their intellectual promise while developing a range of abilities and talents. To that end, The Honors College not only creates and supports courses for Honors students that are small, discussion based, and rigorous, but also sponsors social, cultural, and intellectual co-curricular activities. These courses and activities are designed to challenge the University’s best students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and community leaders.

The Honors College places the student-faculty relationship at the center of its mission by promoting teaching excellence, directed and collaborative research and scholarship, and formal and informal mentoring. Through its mission, The Honors College provides for the larger University community a model program dedicated to the ideals of a comprehensive education.