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Participation Policy Form – This form is used to inform the Honors College if a student is unable to complete an Honors requirement during a given semester. As the Honors College Participation Policy states, “[s]tudents are required to incorporate at least one Honors course into each semester until all their Honors requirements are met; however, if there are scheduling conflicts or circumstances that require a student to be away for a whole semester (e.g., study abroad program, job opportunity, or personal reasons), it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Honors College. Students who do not contact a staff member or schedule a meeting to develop a plan to address their lack of progress will be dropped.”

After submitting a Participation Policy Form, a staff member will be in touch to confirm the form has been received and to make arrangements as necessary.


Honors Graduation Form – This form is used to inform the Honors College of a student’s intended graduation date and involvement in the Honors Graduation Ceremony. Please note that this is specific only to the Honors College and should be completed in addition to applying for graduation from the University.


Honors Thesis Symposia Invite Form – This form is used to provide invitee information for the Honors Thesis Symposia. Please make sure to include all relevant information by the deadline provided by the Honors Dean. Students may enter the information on the form or upload a Microsoft Word document.


Honors Thesis Contract Guidelines