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Honors Thesis Symposia

Students who choose an Honors Thesis for their Senior Capstone requirement present their research at the end of the semester in which their projects are completed.

Each Thesis Symposium gives students the opportunity to share their work with family, friends, and instructors—and with other students who are considering the Honors Thesis option.

Fall 2023 (December 4-5)

Spring 2023 (May 1-3)


Fall 2022 (December 5-7)

Spring 2022 (May 2-6)


Fall 2021 (December 6-8)

Spring 2021 (April 26-29 and May 3-5)

Spring 2020

Fall 2019 (December 3-December 4)

Spring 2019 (May 1-May 9)
Fall 2018 (December 3, 4, and 6)
Fall 2017 (December 4-6)
Spring 2017 (May 1-3)
Fall 2016 (December 5, 6, and 8)
Spring 2016 (May 2-6)
Fall 2015 (December 7-10)
Spring 2015 (May 4-6)
Fall 2014 (December 1-3)
Spring 2014 (May 5-7)
Fall 2013 (December 3)

Amy Knoll “Borderline Memory” (Advisor: Laura Jean Baker, Department of English, COLS)

Alyssa Kreitzman “The Effects of Gender and Pronouns on Math Performance” (Advisor: Erin Winterrowd, Department of Psychology, COLS)

Natalie Kubicek “Between the Folds” (Advisor: Dr. Louis Chicquette, COEHS)

Ben Schmirler “Bioinformatics Methods for Next-Generation High-Throughput Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis” (Advisor: Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Department of Biology, COLS)

Spring 2013 (April 30 - May 2)

Shannon Berg – “Releasing the Ashes” (Advisor: Ms. Laura Jean Baker, Department of English, COLS)Congratulations to the fourteen students who took part in our three-day event!

John Dewitt – “Arrowgrams: The Next Pencil and Paper Phenomenon” (Advisor: Dr. Ken Price, Department of Mathematics, COLS)

Lydia Doerr – “Effects of Supplementary Feeding on Female Hihi (Notiomystis cincta) Reproductive Success on Maungatautari Ecological Island, New Zealand” (Advisor: Dr. Greg Adler, Department of Biology, COLS)

Zach Downey – “The Appeal of Batman” (Advisor: Dr. Caryn Murphy, Department of Radio-TV-Film, COLS)

Sarah Freimuth – “Volunteers’ Experiences in a Structured Activities Program with People Living with Dementia in Long-Term Care: An Action Research Project” (Advisor: Dr. Susan McFadden, Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology, COLS)

Kelly Genskow – “The Escherichia coli Small Protein MntS and Its Role in Manganese Homeostasis” (Advisor: Dr. Lauren Waters, Department of Chemistry, COLS)

Anna Lukyanova – “‘It was Her Ambition to Emulate the Magnificence of the Greatest and Noblest Princes’: Female Succession in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Twelfth Century” (Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Rivers, Department of History, COLS)

Madeline Meis – “The Effects of Structural Adjustment Programs on the Social Development and Human Rights Conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa since 1980” (Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Grieb, Department of International Studies, COLS)

Amy Reithmeier – “Unjust Justice: A Case for Reforming the Criminal Justice System Based on Existing Psychological Research” (Advisor: Dr. Quin Chrobak, Department of Psychology, COLS)

Alex Seidl – “Space Between Bones” (Advisor: Ms. Laura Jean Baker, Department of English, COLS)

Gorman Stock – “A Study of Human Glutathione Reductase Inhibition via Ab Initio Optimizations” (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Gutow, Department of Chemistry, COLS)

Mikhaila Weister – “The Role of Perception and Knowledge of Sexual Assault in Bystander Interventions Among College Students: A Literature Review” (Advisor: Dr. Erin Winterrowd, Department of Psychology, COLS)

Stephanie Welsh – “Improving Measurement Tools for Therapeutic Horseback Riding at BEAMING, Incorporated” (Advisor: Ms. Sarah Pollesch, College of Nursing)

Katie Wrucke – “Search for the Origin of the Japanese Language from the Perspective of Lexicostatistic Glottochronology and the Comparative Method” (Advisor: Dr. Yoshiro Hanai, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, COLS)