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Elective Requirements

Honors Electives are Honors versions of general education courses. These classes are often smaller than non-Honors courses, are limited solely to Honors students, and provide greater academic engagement in a supportive environment.

All Honors College students must complete the three Honors Core requirements; however, the number of Honors Electives depends on when a student is admitted to The Honors College and whether any credits are in progress or have already been earned.

  • Students who join The Honors College as freshmen are required to complete five Honors Electives.
  • Students who begin the Honors curriculum as second-semester freshmen are typically required to complete four Honors Electives.
  • Transfer students with 45 credits or more who qualify for The Honors College’s Transfer Student Pathway are required to complete only one elective.

Students are welcome to take additional Honors Electives and are not limited to the number required. Regular meetings with Liz Taylor, the Honors Advisor, are encouraged to determine how these elective requirements will fit efficiently into each student’s plan.

Honors Contracts

An Honors Contract Course will satisfy an Honors Elective in an upper-level (300- or 400-level), 14-week class of 3 credits or more in the student’s major or minor. It is to be considered IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY, such as when a junior or senior needs one more Honors Elective requirement to fulfill and has no other option. An Honors Contract Course involves adding an Honors dimension into the standard workload, eg, students may be required to extend one or more assignments into an additional paper, conduct research, or create a relevant project. They are also expected to present their work or findings to the class. For Honors Contract Course details, procedures, and associated documents, please see our Honors Contract Guidelines. Honors Contracts must be approved and in the Honors Office no later than the first work day of October (fall semester) or the first work day of March (spring semester) in which the course will be completed. Final approval of the Honors Contract is at the discretion of the Honors Council from which an Honors Contract Committee is appointed each semester. A final letter grade of B or higher must be earned to receive Honors credit. After grades have been posted and a copy of the Honors project has been received by The Honors College, the course will be counted as an Honors Elective and noted on the student’s transcript.


For further information on your Honors Elective requirements, please contact Liz Taylor, Advisor.