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Nursing 317: Honors Adult Health II Clinical (3 Credits)

  • Prerequisites: Nursing 313, concurrent enrollment in Nursing 314, 319, and good standing with The Honors College with prior or concurrent enrollment in Honors 175. Students cannot earn credit in both an honors course and a non-honors course of the same title. Special course fees apply.

This course will focus on the application of the nursing process to promote optimal health in clients with acute and long-term mental and physical impairments. While the focus is on the individual client, the influences of family and community systems are also appreciated in the provision of care. The tertiary level of prevention is emphasized, while primary and secondary prevention strategies are also implemented as appropriate. The development of long-term  caring relationships to address the psychosocial needs of clients is stressed. While the emphasis is on the unique contributions of nursing, the multidisciplinary approach to providing care of clients with acute and long-term health needs is also recognized. 

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