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Geology 110: Honors Geology (XL) (5 Credits)

  • Prerequisite: Enrolled in good standing in The Honors College with prior or concurrent enrollment in HNRS 175.

This course provides the scientific foundation to understand how the earth works and why geologic events occur when and where they do. It is divided into three areas of study. The first considers the materials which make up the earth and the processes that produce them. These materials include the common minerals and rocks of the earth as well as the scarce ones that are so important for our economy. Next, a thorough treatment of internal earth processes provides the foundation for understanding the large-scale motions and upheavals of the earth including continental drift, the formation of mountains, eruption of volcanoes, and the origin of earthquakes. The third part of the course studies the surface processes that wear down the mountains and sculpture our landscape into varied and interesting configurations we see today. The laboratory provides hands-on experience with the three aspects of geology and introduces the student to geological methods of scientific inquiry. A field trip is part of the laboratory.

Benefits of taking the Honors versus non non-Honors version of this course include greater engagement with subject material, as well as continuity with students and faculty throughout the various sections of the course: lecture, lab, and discussion. GEOL 110’s capacity is twenty.

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