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Writing 110: Honors Composition (Quest Writing) (3 Credits)

  • Prerequisites: Score of 29 or higher on the English ACT exam, placement through the Wisconsin Placement Test (WEPT), or being enrolled in good standing with The Honors College with prior or concurrent enrollment in HNRS 175.

A Writing-Based Inquiry Seminar for eligible students designed to enhance writing ability, focus on critical and interpretive reading, and introduce basic University research procedures.

Honors Composition does not imply that all students must be great writers to succeed in the course, but students should expect more rigorous coaching and practice to ensure standards are met for University-level composition work.

***Note: Honors students who received credit for high school CAPP courses or AP testing are still eligible—and are welcome—to enroll in WRT 110 to fulfill their Honors requirements, but the course credits will not apply toward graduation.

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