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Honors Core Requirements (HNRS) + Honors Electives


Regularly offered courses (the number in parentheses is the non-Honors version of the course):

Subject + Course Number


Semester(s) offered



University Studies Program (USP) requirement
Anthropology 202 Intro to Biological Anthropology (Honors-specific lab section)

















Biology 108 H: Concepts in Biology Unity (105) Fall 5 Sciences (XL)
Communication 112  H: Intro to Public Speaking (111) Both  3 Speech Quest Speaking
Economics 208 H: Principles of Microeconomics (202) Fall 3 Social Sciences (XS)
Economics 209 H: Principles of Macroeconomics (201) Spring 3 Social Sciences (XS)
English 205 Literature from a Global Perspective This course is part of a six-credit, three-week       May-Term 2024 Honors Study Abroad program (ENG 205 is taken in concert with HNRS 275Q: Culture Connection) 3 Humanities Elective (GC) (XC)
English 228 H: Modern American Lit (226) Fall  3 Humanities Elective (XC)
English 229 H: African American Literature (219) Both 3 Humanities/Ethnic Studies (ES) (XC)
Environmental Studies 103 H: Intro to Environmental Studies (101) Fall 2024 3 Social Sciences (GC) (XS)
Geography 121 Physical Geography I: Weather and Climate (Honors-specific lab section) Spring 4 Social Sciences (XL)
German 251 Honors: Germanic Culture and Literature in English Translation Will return Spring 2025 3 Humanities Culture (XC) (GC)
Global Religions 110 H: Honors World Religions (102) Fall 3 Humanities Culture (GC) (XC)
History 216 H: Topics in History Spring  3 Social Sciences (XS)
HNRS 175Q (Honors Core course) Honors Seminar Both 3 Honors Core Course This course satisfies Quest 1 = Society (XS)
HNRS 275Q (Honors Core course) Culture Connection


(plus option to study abroad over the three-week interim in either January or May)

3 Honors Core Course/Humanities This course satisfies *BOTH* Quest 2 and Quest 3 = Culture (XC)
HNRS 475 (Honors Core Course) Honors Senior Seminar (For their Honors Senior Capstone, students may take the Seminar OR complete an Honors Thesis) Both 3

Honors Core Course

Honors Senior Capstone Option #1

DEPT-474 (Honors Core course) Honors Thesis (For their Honors Senior Capstone, students may complete a Thesis project OR take the Senior Seminar)


The Thesis requires two terms, whereby you can either start the process in the spring and complete in fall or begin in fall and finish in spring


Honors Core Course

Honors Senior Capstone Option #2

Major Elective
International 309 Revolution and Development (308) TBD 3 Major Major Requirement (GS)
International 403 International Studies Senior Seminar (402) TBD 3 Major/Social Science Major Requirement
 Nursing 216 H: Health Practices with Diverse Populations (215)  Both  3  Major  (ES) (XC) Nursing Major Requirement
Nursing 317 H: Adult Health II Clinical (315) Both 3 Major Requirement (Junior II level only) Nursing Major Requirement
Philosophy 102 H: Intro to Philosophy (100) Fall 3 Humanities Culture (XC)
Philosophy 106 H: Ethics (105)

This course is part of a six-credit, three-week interim Honors Study Abroad program (PHIL 106 is taken in concert with HNRS 275Q: Culture Connection)



3   Culture (XC)
Philosophy 206 H: Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society (205) Spring 3 Humanities Culture (ES) (XC)
WRT 110 Honors Composition (188) Both 3 Composition Quest Writing
WRT 310 Honors Advanced Composition (287 or 288) Both 3 Composition Quest Connect Writing (XK)


~This information is current as of May 2024. Please note that Honors course availability is subject to change~