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The Honors College has on staff a full-time academic advisor, Liz Taylor, who provides guidance to students as they work through all levels of The Honors College curriculum. Ms. Taylor works with students from all four academic colleges to help them plan the completion of their Honors requirements while considering their goals, interests, and the other requirements designated by their major or minor.

The Honors advisor is also a point of contact for students with questions about various student support services, campus life, major and/or career exploration, and graduate school preparation.

The Importance of Honors Advising

One of the best ways students can ensure their success in The Honors College is to make regular Honors advising appointments. These appointments provide an opportunity for students to check in and make sure they’re on track to complete their Honors requirements before graduation. They also provide the opportunity to develop or modify any existing plans for completing remaining requirements based on course availability.

One of the benefits of The Honors College is that Liz works with each student to tailor an academic plan that takes into consideration each student’s interests, requirements, and graduation timeline.

Most Honors advising falls within three categories:

Orientation/First-Year Advising

This initial advising appointment is required to remain active in the Honors College. After attending an Honors Orientation session, students must make an appointment with the Honors advisor. This ensures that each student understands the Honors College’s policies and requirements and can plan which Honors courses will be most effective as they proceed through the Honors curriculum and fulfill the requirements necessary for their major.

Pre-Enrollment Advising

These advising appointments take place every semester before the Honors early enrollment period. It is highly recommended that students make an appointment each semester for updates concerning Honors course availability and to plan for the following term. This is also a great opportunity to make sure that students are on course for completing all of their Honors requirements by graduation.


Senior Capstone Advising

These appointments can take place at any time but are recommended for Junior year. You’re free to set up an appointment with the Honors dean or with the Honors advisor to discuss the two capstone options (Senior Seminar versus Honors Thesis) and which option fits better with your preferences and future goals. You may also plan ahead to attend an Honors Senior Capstone-specific meeting, which is held every September and February, respectively. Juniors and seniors are contacted via email several weeks in advance.

Need to schedule an Honors advising appointment?

The best way to schedule an Honors advising appointment is to send an email to Liz Taylor, Honors Advisor.

Advising Season

During the first six weeks of each semester, students who wish to schedule an advising appointment sign up via Liz’s calendar. Check your email for a link. Please note:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to note the time and day of the appointment. Missed appointments take valuable time away from other students, so please be considerate.
  • Changes to the appointment schedule cannot be made the day of. If a student wishes to cancel or reschedule an appointment, they will need to contact the Honors Advisor via email and then sign up for another time.


After the early enrollment period, students should email Liz to set up an appointment. Each email should include:

  • The student’s ID number
  • The reason why the appointment is being requested
  • General availability Monday through Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I still meet with my Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) or Department advisor?

A: Yes. Your Honors Advisor does not take the place of a UARC or Department advisor. While the Honors Advisor is equipped to answer most questions relating to the general education requirements for each major and the availability of relevant Honors courses, there may be specific requirements or course recommendations to be considered.

Students are encouraged to meet with both their Department-appointed advisor and the Honors Advisor. In some cases, students are required to meet with a UARC and/or Department advisor before they are allowed to enroll in courses for a given semester.

Q: There is an advising hold on my account and I can’t register for classes. Can the Honors Advisor remove this?

A: No. Students must meet with the advisor appointed to them to have an advising hold lifted. To take advantage of the Honors early enrollment period, students are encouraged to check TitanWeb to see if a hold like this exists as early as possible in order to make any necessary arrangements. The Honors Advisor may only remove holds set by The Honors College.

Q: Is Honors advising required?

A: Students newly admitted to The Honors College are required to schedule an advising appointment after their Honors Orientation session; however, all other Honors advising, while highly recommended, depends on individual circumstances and each student’s progress through the Honors curriculum.

Check your email for Honors Advising alerts, which are sent at the beginning of each term to make sure you’re staying on track! Students are also welcome at any point throughout the year to call a member of the Honors staff or to stop by Oviatt House in person to check on their status.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to my Honors advising appointment?

A: No. The Honors Advisor has access to each student’s records and STAR, though students are encouraged to bring a copy of their own if they wish to make notes. Students are also encouraged to bring any planning sheets or advising tools provided by The Honors College or their UARC/department advisors.