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***A student must first apply to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to be admitted to The Honors College.***

The Honors College is test optional. The application consists of two components:

(1) A letter of interest that explains one’s reasons (aside from the desire to boost one’s résumé) for wanting to join The Honors College as well as descriptions of one’s academic achievements and interests. Applicants should feel free to include any additional information about themselves that they believe would be relevant to their candidacy, but the letter should not exceed 300 words. Please include your letter in our online form (below).

(2) A writing sample. The Honors College places heavy emphasis on effective writing, and this is a skill we will help you further develop. Please submit a short sample (500 words or less) of your best writing of any type (e.g., a school assignment, a short essay, a creative piece, etc.). Email your sample to Liz Taylor:

For consideration, please complete the form below.

◾◾◾Please note that high school seniors with a 3.75+ GPA and 26+ ACT or a 3.50+ GPA and 29+ ACT will automatically receive an invitation to join The Honors College. These students already qualify and do not need to submit an application or writing sample. Invitations are sent to the student’s home as well as to their email, and their acceptance must be confirmed by a specified date.◾◾◾

The application is to be completed by soon-to-be first-year students* (or by those already attending or are transferring here) who would like to be considered for admission to The Honors College at UW Oshkosh

*Fall 2024 incoming freshmen: For priority consideration, applicants are encouraged to apply by April 17. Thank you for your interest!

Honors College Application

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