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Welcome back, Honors Titans! Just as we always do at the beginning of each term, we are holding a meeting that is devoted solely to your Honors Senior Capstone options—and to address your questions about them. So, if you have not yet decided or would simply like to learn more about this Honors requirement, join us:

Thursday, September 7, at 4:30 pm in Oviatt House

Option #1 HNRS 475: Honors Senior Seminar
Students develop a final project in their major or minor that intersects with the theme. The course emphasizes active engagement and interdisciplinary studies. Students produce in-depth research projects integrating the class theme with their major or minor. Here are the HNRS 475s that will be offered in spring:

Mondays 4:30-7:30 “Media” with Dr. Mike Van Esler
Wednesdays 5:00-8:00 “Animals” with Dr. Stewart Cole
Thursdays 5:00-8:00 “Global Issues” with Mr. Courtney Bauder

Option #2 DEPT-474: Honors Thesis
Students who choose the thesis engage in research as an independent study over two semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall) with the support of a faculty advisor. They decide on a topic in their major or minor, address recent scholarship, develop a prospectus, and produce a substantial work (e.g., a written thesis, scientific experiment or research project, or creative piece or production). At the end of the term in which the capstone is completed, students give presentations at the Honors Thesis Symposia. Credits are applied to the respective department or unit.

🕞If you’ll be a bit late to this meeting or need to leave early because of work or class, please arrive/depart as needed. (If you’re unable to attend, send us your availability Monday-Friday so we can reschedule.)

***Attention, Fall 2023 Honors Thesis Planners***
To those who have already decided on the Honors Thesis and will begin the process now (ie, you will begin planning your project this semester, and you will complete and present it in spring 2024), please attend this meeting.

🎓Are you graduating this term?
If you are graduating in fall 2023 and have not yet applied through the University, it is necessary to make it official. Please apply here. Stay tuned for Honors Graduation Ceremony information.

Questions concerning any of the information above? Please get in touch or stop by to see us in Oviatt House.