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Fall 2022 Honors Registration will begin right after spring break according to your student level:

Seniors (90+ credits) – Monday, March 28 

Juniors (60-89 credits) – Tuesday, March 29

Sophomores (30-59 credits) – Wednesday, March 30

Freshmen (0-29 credits) – Thursday, March 31


If you still need an Honors Advising appointment, sign up here. Times that are blacked out are unavailable. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the schedule sheet to see more days. You may choose to meet in Oviatt House or virtually on Microsoft Teams (if so, just type TEAMS after your name on the schedule. Liz will call you on MS Teams at your scheduled advising time). All in-person meetings will take place in Liz’s office on the first floor of Oviatt House.

The fall 2022 Honors Course Schedule is available on our website.