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If you’re from District 6220 (see the map to verify) and are  interested in graduate school in 2020-2021 (fields of study must be related to Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution; Disease Prevention and Treatment; Water and Sanitation; Maternal and Child Health; Basic Education and Literacy; or Economic and Community Development)you’re invited to learn about Rotary International’s District 6220 Global Grant Scholarship (here) and to complete a 2020-2021 PRE-QUALIFICATION Application!

This scholarship is an amazing opportunity for those who qualify, which we are proud to say has included an Honors College Alum—and Honors Alumni Award recipient—Tracy Wilichowski.

Here are the deadlines for the District 6220 Global Grant Scholarship for 2020-2021:

Timeline for Application Submission, Review, and Recipient Selection

  •  January 31, 2020—Deadline for “Pre-Qualification Application” submission
  •  February 1—February 5, 2020—Selection of finalists
  •  February 6, 2020—District communication to finalist to complete “Full Application”
  •  March 15, 2020—Deadline for finalist submission of “Full Application”
    • Full Application
    • Personal Letter of Introduction
    • Academic Transcript(s)
    • Two Reference Letters Attesting to the Candidate’s Potential
  •  April 4, 2020—In-Person, scheduled interviews of finalist(s) in [location in Wisconsin TBD]
  • April 4, 2020—District selection of Global Grant Scholarship recipient and notification to finalists

Note: District 6220 will not, in any circumstance, review incomplete applications nor waive the requirement for an in-person interview on April 4, 2020.