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Honors students who are at senior level (or will be soon) and need details about which route to take for their Honors Senior Capstone are encouraged to attend the


Honors Senior Capstone Meeting

Wednesday, February 13, at 4:30

Oviatt House


We’ll discuss the two capstones and answer any questions regarding this final Honors requirement.

Option #1

HNRS 475: HONORS SENIOR SEMINAR Students develop and complete in-depth research projects integrating the class theme and their major and/or minor. (Note: Several seminars will be offered in the fall, including Mondays 5:00-8:00 with Dr. Robbie Wagoner. Stay tuned for updates!)

Option #2

TBA-474: HONORS THESIS A Thesis is a two-semester process whereby each student develops and completes an independently designed research project in their major and/or minor with a faculty advisor. An Honors Thesis Symposia is held each at the end of every term so that students can present their work in the term it is completed.


Honors Thesis planners:
For those of you who are beginning the Thesis process now (spring 2019 and completing /presenting fall 2019), your attendance at this meeting is important. See you there!


Spring 2019 Graduates

If you have completed/are in the process of completing your Honors requirements and are graduating this semester, the Spring 2019 Honors Graduation Ceremony will be held Friday, May 17, at the Alumni Welcome & Conference Center at 5:30. It is on this celebratory occasion that your Honors Medallion or Honors Certificate will be awarded, and your friends and family are welcome too! Please confirm that you’re a spring 2019 graduate by completing an Honors Graduation Information Form.