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For those of you who are the newest members of the Honors College at UW Oshkosh, the Honors Orientation is a mandatory introductory meeting that will provide you with helpful information, including an overview of the Honors curriculum and of our benefits and policies. Here you will also have the opportunity to meet staff members Dr. Laurence Carlin (Dean) and Liz Taylor (Honors Advisor) as well as Ann Kunkle-Jones (Senior Academic Advisor and our liaison from the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center).

We will meet in the Honors Lounge on the first floor of Oviatt House (the Honors College’s home at 842 Algoma Boulevard), which is the historic building just north of Dempsey Hall. 

Students, please sign up for ONE of these brief (about 45-minute) sessions. Attendance is important, but do not worry if you’re running a few minutes late or need to depart a little early for work or class:

Monday, September 10, at 2:00

Tuesday, September 11, at 3:00

Wednesday, September 12, at 3:00

Thursday, September 13, at 10:00

Friday, September 14, at 9:00


**If you’re unable to attend during the times listed above, please email with the days and times that work best for you.**