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Welcome back to campus, Honors Students!

No sooner do we begin a new semester then it is time to start planning for the next.  In fact, fall 2018 registration for Honors College participants starts the week of February 26, so Honors Advising is in full swing. Don’t delay! Sign up for a quick (ten- to fifteen-minute) appointment here.

All advising sessions are held in Oviatt House. 

If there are no open spaces that fit your schedule, contact Liz Taylor with your general availability ( Please email her right away if you cannot make your scheduled appointment; she can appoint a different time.

Click here for our  fall 2018 course offerings.

Reminder:  You are required to come in for Honors Advising if 1) this is your first or second semester in the Honors College,  2) you were not enrolled in an Honors class in fall 2017, 3) you are not currently taking an Honors class, 4) you did not come in for advising last semester, 5) you need an Honors Contract, or 6) you have more than one Honors Elective to complete. Otherwise, a registration hold will be placed on your “inactive” student account. If you’re unsure of your Honors (active/inactive) status, please contact Liz directly (

Last but not least, Honors Registration dates will be assigned according to your student level and will be available on TitanWeb by approximately February 20:

Monday, February 26 (Seniors)

Tuesday, February 27 (Juniors)

Wednesday, February 28 (Sophomores)

Thursday, March 1 (Freshmen)

From all of us in the Honors College, have a good Spring semester!