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Erin Hoff, after spending an exhilarating semester in Spain, presenting at an Honors Abroad event in Spring 2017.

Please join us for another Honors Abroad forum, an exciting opportunity to hear from Honors students who’ve spent a semester studying across the globe!

This semester, three more travelers will share photos and report on their experiences in their host countries, including classes and assignments; customs, foods, and holidays; the long-term effects of living and learning on another continent; other cities and trips they were able to enjoy during their stay; and more.

Presentations will begin at 4:00 on Thursday, November 30, in Sage 3221:

Jessica Dybul, Spanish and Early Childhood Education (SPAIN)

Shane Mann, Business (IRELAND)

Andrew Schefelker, Secondary Education (GERMANY)

Come and go as your schedule allows; the anticipated running time is approximately 75 minutes. As with all Honors events, friends and guests are welcome.

(Photo courtesy of Jessica Dybul.)

(Photo courtesy of Shane Mann.)