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Congratulations are in order! These sixty-seven Honors Students have completed their Honors requirements and will be recognized at Monday’s evening’s ceremony at the Alumni Welcome & Conference Center:Cassidy Alvarez
Biology; minor in Chemistry

Megan Andraski
Biology; minor in Chemistry

Kassi Baker
Psychology; minor in Spanish

Kirsten Bandt
Elementary Education and Special Education; minor in Spanish

Amber Bergthold
English; minor in Spanish

Noah Borchardt
Biology (Healthcare Science)

Nicholas Brown
Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management

Nicole Coughlin
Accounting and Finance

Gwendolyn Dahlin
Art and Psychology; minors in Chemistry and Women and Gender Studies

Tabitha Dorshorst
Anthropology and Kinesiology; minor in Neurosciences

Sean Michael Dwyer

Alecia Erdmann

Susan Fochs
Human Services Leadership; minor in Business Administration

Zak Gast

Dana Giannelli
Elementary Education; minor in Science

Abygail Grasee

Monika Marie Greco
Philosophy and Political Science

Aubrey Green
Finance; minors in Global Business and Spanish

Adrienne Nora Gruber
Biology (Healthcare Science)

Nicolette Haen
Human Resources Management; minor in Spanish

Gabrielle Hass
Music Industry and Vocal Performance

Dailee Helnore
Biology (Healthcare Science)

Heidi Hemming
Secondary Education (Social Science); minor in Psychology

Kyle Hodyl

Lauren Jares
Elementary Education; minor in Language Arts

Elainna Jentz
Biology (Healthcare Science)

Taylor Jones
Economics and Spanish; minor in Mathematics

Cortney Kallenberger
Social Work; minor in Psychology

Kurt Kaufman
Computer Science

Kyle Kettner

Thang Khup
Physics and Engineering (Electrical Engineering)

Nicole Klase
Accounting; minor in Legal Studies

Valene Knutson
Biology (Healthcare Science); minors in Chemistry and Neurosciences

Katrina Krutzik
Biology (Healthcare Science); minor in Chemistry

Kathryn Kubasta

Taylor Lane
Biology (Healthcare Science)

Mallory Langkau
Broadfield Social Science (Secondary Education); minor in History

Megan Leanna
Human Resources Management

Amanda Leichtfuss

Aisha Malczewski-Calix

Shelby McIlheran
Biology (Ecology); minors in Chemistry and Microbiology

Carly Meyer

Patricia Meyer
Economics and Supply Chain Management

Samantha Mitchell

Natalya Mudry
Supply Chain Management

Marissa Muñoz
Chemistry (Biomolecular Science)

Riley Murphy

Lora Noworatzky

Lauren Otter
Biology; minor in Chemistry

Bonita Pernot
Environmental Studies; minor in Spanish

Molly Raisbeck
Information Systems (Web and Mobile Development)

Rachel Roloff
Psychology; minor in Social Justice

Madalyn Roque
Psychology; minor in Social Justice

Clarissa Rueckert

Jonathan Salmela
German and History

Katie Salzmann
Interactive Web Management; minor in Journalism

Matthew J. Sanda
Criminal Justice; minor in Political Science

Devin Scherff
Elementary Education; minor in Spanish

Katrina Schiedemeyer
Supply Chain Management

Jesse Schwartz
Economics and Finance; minor in German

Katherine Senn
Biology and Chemistry; minor in Spanish

Makaya Steinberger

Alison Teske
English; minor in Creative Writing

Kashena VanAsten
Social Work; minor in Psychology

KeePheng Vue
Biology (Healthcare Science); minor in Neurosciences

Raven Wilson
Elementary Education; minors in Mathematics and Social Justice

Lindsey Faye Wolf