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The Honors staff invites you to Honors Abroad, a new Honors tradition that will begin Tuesday, March 28, at 4:30 p.m. in Sage 4215.

Erin Hoff, a sophomore who spent all of last term studying in Spain, and Riley Murphy, a soon-to-be graduate whose Nursing clinical took her all the way to Peru, will be our first-ever Honors Abroad presenters!

Whether you’re studying one of the featured disciplines, considering studying abroad, or just interested in learning about fellow students’ adventures in faraway places, you should attend Honors Abroad, a symposium at which Honors students present on their study abroad experiences.

Honors Abroad will no doubt be an educational and informative event. Guests are welcome!

(Anticipated total running time is forty-five minutes to one hour.)

We hope you will join us next Tuesday afternoon!








Erin Hoff (left), pictured in Spain, and Riley Murphy (right), at work in a Peruvian clinic, will present on their experiences studying abroad and living in their host countries in fall 2016.