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Congratulations, Fall 2016 Honors Associates and Graduates! TWENTY Honors seniors from all four Colleges, another new record for students graduating in the fall, will successfully complete their requirements and qualify for Honors awards this December. Their accomplishments will be acknowledged prior to Commencement at the Fall 2016 Honors Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday, December 13, at the Alumni Welcome & Conference Center at 5:30. It is at this event that the students’ Honors Certificates and Honors Medallions will be awarded by the Chancellor:

Fall 2016 Honors Graduation Ceremony announcement


Honors students (now Honors Alumni!) celebrate their graduation milestone with Dr. Larry Carlin and Chancellor Leavitt on Tuesday, 13 December 2016.


Missy Coleman (Psychology major; minor in Sociology), with Honors friends at the Fall 2015 Honors Graduation Ceremony.


Honors Graduation ceremonies are held on campus at the Alumni Welcome & Conference Center.

(All photos courtesy of UW Oshkosh.)