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HLC Accreditation FAQ

What is the purpose of the Comprehensive Evaluation?

The purpose of the periodic Comprehensive Evaluation is to ensure that the university remains in compliance with HLC’s criteria for accreditation. The Comprehensive Evaluation will provide us with valuable feedback, including any areas of concern on which we can concentrate our efforts before the 2028-29 accreditation renewal.

Is this an application to renew our accreditation?

No, we are currently accredited through the 2028-29 academic year. But this is an excellent opportunity for us to examine our own performance in a wide variety of areas and to receive feedback that we can use for continual improvement.

Were any concerns expressed in our last Comprehensive Evaluation?

Yes, concerns were expressed on the following topics:

  • Required information was found lacking on some syllabi.
  • The student complaint process was not communicated clearly and consistently over university websites.
  • The Commission requested an update on the university’s plan for reduction of annual net expenses over three years.

Have we addressed these concerns?

Yes. We have embedded the examination of syllabi for required information into the Program Outcomes Assessment process. Websites were revised for consistency of information and a new Student Handbook website was developed and published. The budget reconciliation plan has been successful to date. These areas will receive focused attention during the 2023 Comprehensive Evaluation.

I have some ideas for the Assurance Argument. Is it too late for me to provide some input?

The Assurance Argument will be “locked down” on February 13, 2023. Until that date, feel free to send any and all suggestions to any member of the HLC Accreditation Leadership Team or directly to Charlie Hill, Associate Vice Chancellor for Curricular Affairs.

Can I meet with the Peer Review Team while they are on campus?

Yes, the schedule will include open sessions for faculty, staff, and students. We encourage you to make every effort to attend one of these sessions.

What should I do to prepare for the May 21-22 Peer Review Team visit?

Go to the UW Oshkosh Accreditation Website ( and read the section, “Preparing for the Peer Review Team Visit.”

How can I help ensure that we have a successful visit and review?

A: Address the peer reviewers’ questions and please remember that their time on campus is very limited. More important, in your interactions with the peer reviewers, be open and honest, just as you would in any other professional situation.

Who can I talk to if I want more information or have a question?

Charlie Hill, Associate Vice Chancellor
335 Dempsey Hall
(920) 424-3190