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HLC Comprehensive Evaluation 2022-2023 

As part of its ongoing review of all its client institutions, the Higher Learning Commission requires a Comprehensive Evaluation in Year 4 of its 10-year cycle.  We are in the current cycle:

2018-2019: Re-accreditation Review (We passed!)

2022-2023: Year Four Comprehensive Review

2028-2029: Next Re-accreditation Review

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Accreditation 101 

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is 1 of 6 regional accrediting agencies, formally recognized by the US Dept. of Education.

Accreditation is a mark of quality, integrity, and financial soundness. It is required for eligibility for Title IV financial aid.

Regional accreditation covers all aspects of university operations—curriculum, governance, staffing, facilities, etc.

The Comprehensive Evaluation 

The Comprehensive Evaluation consists of the following steps:

  1. The university submits an Assurance Argument, a comprehensive report that demonstrates that UW Oshkosh meets all of the Criteria and Core Components that HLC requires for ongoing accreditation.
  2. HLC conducts an online survey of our students.
  3. Three members of the HLC’s Peer Reviewer Corps (the Peer Review Team) review the Assurance Argument and the results of the Student Survey.
  4. The Peer Review Team visits the university to ask questions and gather multiple perspectives about all areas of our operation.  (All 3 campuses will be visited.)
  5. The Peer Review Team drafts a report and sends it to university leadership. We then have an opportunity to review the report for factual errors.
  6. The Peer Review Team revises the report (if necessary) and submits it to HLC’s Institutional Actions Council.
  7. The Institutional Actions Council makes a final determination.


Timeline for Comprehensive Evaluation 

  • Feb 2022: Orientation of Accreditation Leadership Team
  • Feb – Oct 28, 2022: Accreditation Leadership Team gathers evidence and writes first draft of Comprehensive Report
  • Oct – Dec 2022: ALO completes editing of Comprehensive Report Draft
  • Dec 12 – Jan 13: ALO solicits feedback from University community
  • Jan 13 – Feb. 13, 2023 – ALO revises and submits Comprehensive Report
  • Feb – Mar 2023 – Visiting team itinerary posted on HLC website; ALO coordinates preparations for HLC Team visit
  • March 13-14, 2023 – Peer Review Team visit

HLC Accreditation Leadership Team 

We have organized a primary writing team, known as the HLC Accreditation Leadership Team, who are writing the Assurance Argument and gathering extensive documentation to attach to the document before we submit it to HLC.

The Leadership Team are not expected to complete the report without extensive help from members of the university community. All members of the team have been directed and empowered to freely ask anyone at the university for assistance with writing and revising the Assurance Argument, ensuring that the information it contains is complete and up to date, and collecting documentation to accompany the report. If any member(s) of the team ask you for help, please respond in a timely manner to provide them with the assistance that they require.

Accreditation Leadership Team Members

Charlie Hill (Chair), Associate Vice Chancellor, Curricular Affairs; Accreditation Liaison Officer

Byron Adams, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Center for Student Success and Belonging (CSSB) & Interim University Diversity Officer
Victor Alatorre, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology
Carmen Faymonville, Associate Vice Chancellor, Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs
Aggie Hanni, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
Elizabeth Hartman, University Compliance Officer
Alex Hummel, Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor
Jean Kwaterski, Executive Director for Campus Life
Kim Langolf, Assistant Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness
Ken Price, Professor of Mathematics
Bethany Rusch, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration
Jen Szydlik, President, Faculty Senate
Mike Watson, Director, Office of Institutional Research