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Planning Sheet for Minor


Sample Plan for Completing Requirements for History Minor


Freshman Fall

  • History 101: Early Civilizations

Freshman Spring

  • History 102: Modern Civilizations

Sophomore Fall

  • History 201: U.S. History to 1877

Sophomore Spring

  • History 202: Modern U.S. History Since 1877

Junior Fall

  • History 341: History of Wisconsin (fulfills upper-level American elective)
    Junior Spring
  • History 371: Modern Russia (fulfills upper-level European elective)

Senior Fall

  • History 381: Latin American History to 1825 (fulfills upper-level Non-Western elective)

Senior Spring

  • History 374: Britain-Ireland, 1714-1914 (fulfills open upper-level elective)

You can download this sample plan.

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