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Health Services

Health Services

Head Start is committed to comprehensive wellness of children, families, and staff by embracing a vision of overall health. Our goal is early identification of health needs and concerns and then to assure a link between families and an ongoing source of continuous and accessible care.

As part of Head Start programming, each child visits their healthcare provider on a schedule of preventive and primary health care to ensure that growth is as expected and problems are quickly identified. This early identification can reduce complications, improve health outcomes and assure each and every child is ready to learn and succeed.

To promote healthy development, UW Oshkosh Head Start also works diligently to see that every child has a source of health care that is available even after the child and family have left Head Start.

We know that families play the most important role in their child’s health as the primary care givers. We rely on families to provide important information about their child’s health and development and these concerns are carefully addressed. Families are encouraged to participate in health promotion activities, well-child care, treatment for health problems, follow-up health care and to receive training and information on child health and development.

For more information please contact our Health Services Department at 920-424-2166.

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