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Family Services

Family Services

Services to families ensure that all members of the family, not just the enrolled child, are able to learn, grow and develop as they desire.  Families are encouraged to participate in activities directly with their children and to set and attain their own goals as well. 

UW Oshkosh Head Start provides a variety of educational programming for parents and ensures that families are able to meet goals by referring them to the vast network of services available in the four-county area. 

In recent years male involvement and fatherhood activities have been emphasized, ensuring all family members are able to be actively involved.  This intense parent involvement, which includes shared decision-making with management and the board, is unique to Head Start and is a critical feature of UW Oshkosh Head Start.

Male involvement and fatherhood activities are emphasized throughout the program and each center provides activities specific to the needs of the men and fathers they serve. Fatherhood is a family literacy program that uses a series of children's books and activities to help improve adult literacy skills, support parenting by fathers and provide openings for both readings and ongoing conversation with children.

Recognizing that families are an integral part of a child's development and building on the strengths and abilities of families, each family is given an opportunity to engage in the family partnership process.  This process includes assessing their strengths and determining any needs, setting goals and developing steps to reach those goals. 

Through this process families have an opportunity to help themselves  as they are able. Families are able to work on and accomplish that which may improve their life situations no matter where they are in life. A staff of family support specialists, including bilingual Hmong and Spanish staff, are available to encourage, support and assist families in this process.  A family’s readiness and willingness to participate are taken into account in this process as some are initiated later in the year and some families chose not to participate at all.

Parent involvement is unique to Head Start and is a critical feature of the UW Oshkosh Head Start program.

For more information please contact our Director of Family & Community Partnerships, Kelly Butzlaff via email or phone 920-424-2166.

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