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Program Governance

UW Oshkosh Head Start is an entity of the University of Wisconsin and is governed by the UW Board of Regents, which has legal and fiscal responsibility for administering the program.

The Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services at UW Oshkosh must ensure all policies and procedures are follow, which is designated by the governing board. This is accomplished via a Board of Advisers, comprised of University personnel with legal responsibility and personnel with programmatic responsibility, as well as other community representatives.

UW Oshkosh Head Start shares decision-making with a program representative Policy Council.  Policy Council members are elected at the first meeting of their center committee and serve as liaisons between the program, the centers and the communities served.  They initiate suggestions and ideas for program improvement and receive reports on actions taken.  With staff assistance, they plan, coordinate and organize agency-wide activities for parents and are responsible for the distribution of parent activity funds.  The Policy Council meets monthly September through June.

Each center has a functioning parent committee which meets monthly to review upcoming classroom and home based plans, to plan parent functions and to participate in training.  Members of the parent committee may assist the Policy Council personnel committee with hiring and also serve on other standing committees.

With shared decision making, involving the Board of Advisers, the Policy Council, and program management, UW Oshkosh has responded to national, state and local needs as they have developed, creating and establishing innovative programming as the needs arose.   It is the only University-affiliated program in the state of Wisconsin and one of very few in the nation.  This affiliation provides a range of resources and services from the academic departments as well as significant administrative support. 

Regular financial and program audits indicate an effective and efficient operation that shows good stewardship of all grants and donated funds.  Federal onsite reviews, which occur every three years, has confirmed the professional competency and high quality of the UW Oshkosh Head Start program.


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