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Master of Science in Education

For high school teachers seeking a master’s degree with an 18 credits content focus leading to compliance as a concurrent enrollment instructor

18 Content Area Credits

For high school educators with a master’s degree who need 18 credits of graduate-level content courses to become concurrent enrollment instructors

The Department of Teaching and Learning at UW Oshkosh is leading Wisconsin in helping teachers achieve HLC compliance as concurrent enrollment instructors. Discover your options for earning a master’s degree and/or the required 18 graduate-level credits in your respective content area!


UW Oshkosh offers a unique and specialized Master of Science in Education (MSE) that allows students to customize the degree program to their specific academic area of interest. In the program, educators will complete:

  • Four courses in educational research (12 credits)
  • Six elective courses in a content area (18 credits)

High school teachers who satisfy all requirements for the MSE degree will meet HLC accreditation requirements for the Cooperative Academic Enrollment Program (CAPP) concurrent enrollment program at UW Oshkosh and may meet requirements for similar programs at other in institutions.

Up to nine graduate courses of content course work from institutions other than UW Oshkosh can be transferred to meet the 18 credit requirement. Students can find options for graduate courses at the links shown below.


Educators who are in the MSE program or who already have their master’s degree can pursue their 18 content-specific credits through UW Oshkosh. Not all online HLC compliant graduate courses are aligned with MSE capable areas of study.

The following content areas are offered:

  • Accounting
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Communication Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Engineering/Engineering Technology
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Math
  • Physical Education

Current dual enrollment instructions who are interested in the MSE program or the 18-credit option should contact to learn more and talk about next steps!

Apply to the MSE program today!

Click here to download a PDF containing instructions on how to apply for T&L MSE degree

For help with the application process, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at or (920) 424-1223. For questions about the MSE degree, contact the Teaching & Learning graduate program at

Information for Current Dual Enrollment Instructors and MSE Students

The information below is for students who have been admitted to the MSE program or are current CAPP instructors who are pursuing the specialized 18-credit content specific program. Current students who have questions about courses, approval of credits to transfer or other need can contact the Graduate Studies office at


To register for courses: 

  • Identify the course(s) you want from the list of classes
  • If you're already a UWO graduate student, self-register for classes via Titan Web. If permission is required, obtain permission from the instructor and either self-enroll with a permission number (if provided by the instructor), or log into Microsoft Office 365 and submit an Add Form.
  • If you are not already a UWO graduate student, complete an online application
  • Questions about applying to the university and enrolling in classes? Contact   (preferred) or (920) 424-1223.


  • For questions about CAPP, contact  or 920-424-3003
  • For questions about the process to register for a class, contact  or 920-424-1223

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