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Transfer and Waiver of Courses

Transfer credit is course credit earned at another institution that is accepted in lieu of master's course requirements at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Credit earned prior to admission to the UW Oshkosh graduate program will be evaluated at the time of admission.

Students who have been admitted to a graduate program at the UW Oshkosh and wish to take course work at another institution should enroll as a guest matriculant at that institution and secure prior approval from the UW Oshkosh graduate program coordinator for courses to be substituted in the UW Oshkosh graduate degree program.

The following are criteria for evaluating credits taken outside of the UW Oshkosh. Certain of these criteria may not apply when evaluating distance education courses:

  1. Course instructor is a regular graduate faculty member of an accredited institution or instructor who has the qualifications comparable to regular graduate faculty and has the approval as an adjunct faculty member at the transfer institution.

  2. Course is acceptable in a graduate degree program at the transfer institution.

  3. Course syllabus is available with objectives, evaluation methods and bibliography.

  4. Course has formal meeting times and complies with the normal rule of no more than one course credit earned per week and 14 contact hours (60 minutes each) per semester credit.

  5. Course is offered at a location close to a university (professional) library.

  6. The academic program and/or institution is appropriately accredited.

  7. Seven year time limit is applicable for all courses to be part of a master's degree (5-year limit for nursing).

  8. Independent study, seminars and workshops do not generally transfer.

Exceptions to the above criteria may be made based on the appropriate coordinator's recommendation and the approval of the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Graduate Studies.

No letter grade of below B will be accepted in transfer.

No more than nine semester hours will be accepted in transfer, except in established cooperative programs.

Credits accepted in transfer will be noted as comments on the student's transcript. No grades will be recorded, and grades will not be included in the computation of grade point averages.

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