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Credit Load Definitions

Full-Time Status

The following are considered full-time graduate students:

  1. Students registered for nine or more graduate credits in a semester or five or more credits in a summer session;

  2. Graduate assistants registered for six or more graduate credits in a semester or three or more credits in a summer session;

  3. Thesis students who have completed all degree requirements, except for their thesis, may be considered full-time for one more semester beyond thesis registration without registering for credits. However, their adviser must assure they are working on their thesis. This policy may not fulfill certain criteria to be eligible for Financial Aid and students may not be eligible for certain student services (e.g. use of the Health Center).

Half-time Status

A graduate student is considered half-time with a semester registration between 4.5 and 8.5 credits in a semester or of three or more credits during a summer session.

The maximum credit load for a graduate student shall be per term, except graduate assistants:

Anything which exceeds these limits requires approval of the graduate program coordinator and the Assistant Vice Chancellor, School of Graduate Studies.

Special students and probationary students, as well as students with incomplete grades, should not expect to carry maximum loads.

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