Degree Completion


Minimum Degree Credit

A student must have earned a total of at least 30 semester credits of graduate-level work from institutions with accredited graduate programs. At least 21 of these credits must be earned from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh or from institutions having formal cooperative agreements with UW Oshkosh.


Second Master’s Degree

Students who have an earned master’s degree from any accredited institution may apply for and be admitted to another graduate program at UW Oshkosh. Some credits earned as part of the first master’s degree program may be accepted toward the second master’s degree. Such credits will be governed by current transfer policies (nine maximum).

Applicants to a graduate program may petition for acceptance of up to nine credits earned prior to admission, including credits that applied to another master’s degree. The credits involved in the petition will be evaluated by those designated to make the admission decision on the applicant. The result of the credit evaluation will be communicated to the student by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Special Note:  At UW Oshkosh, a student may complete more than one degree (i.e. MSE and MS, MBA and MA), however the institution does not award multiples of the same degree (i.e.  MA and another MA, etc.).  A student could pursue and be awarded the same degree between two different institutions (i.e. MBA from UW Oshkosh and an MBA from UW Milwaukee).

Minimum Grade Point Average

At least a B average (3.00 of a 4.00 scale) must be earned on all work attempted as a graduate student and also on all work which applies to the master’s degree.

No more than two courses with grades of C (not to exceed six credits), or one C and two BC grades (not to exceed nine credits), or three BC grades (not to exceed nine credits) may apply to a master’s degree. Some programs will not allow grades less than B on degree courses.


Graduate-Only Courses

At least half of all credits being applied to a master’s degree must be graduate-level credits. Graduate-level credits are earned in courses which are open to graduate students only, designated by catalog numbers between 700 and 799.


Atypical Course Credit

A total of no more than six credits earned in variable content courses and independent study courses may apply to a master’s degree. Generally, graduate credit may not be earned by examination or by correspondence study. This policy is not intended to preclude the earning of credits by electronic or other “distance education” modes.


Admission to Candidacy

Students must be admitted to candidacy after having earned a minimum of nine but no more than 21 degree credits (varies by program).

Admission to candidacy requires the student to be in good standing, to have completed all deficiencies and to file an application for admission to candidacy form (formal plan of study).

Changes in the plan of study are made by filing a candidacy program modification form and receiving approval from program faculty, graduate program coordinator and the Office of Graduate Studies.


Culminating Experience/Research

Each student must successfully demonstrate proficiency to integrate the knowledge of the discipline. The nature of this experience is determined by the colleges and graduate departments, and subject to approval by the Graduate Council.

Examples of experiences which may meet this requirement include: thesis, oral or written comprehensive examination, clinical paper, field project, field report, national exam or integrative course.

Programs may require more than one of the above experiences. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for more details about the cumulative experience requirement.

NOTE: All research which deals with human and/or animal subjects must have the approval of the University Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Protection of Human Participants and/or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to conducting the research. See policy statements in the Graduate Bulletin or contact a graduate program coordinator or adviser.

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