Admission to Candidacy

Admission to Candidacy and Verification of Program Study are the point in time when a student finalizes his or her agreed upon graduate plan of study for a degree, certificate or GAP with the program and the Office of Graduate Studies.  The form lists all of the coursework a student has taken or will take to complete his or her degree, certificate or GAP (If you attended UW Oshkosh as an undergraduate student, the Candidacy is the equivalent of a STAR report).  All Candidacies and Verifications require program signatures prior to submitting them to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Questions can be directed to  For MBA students, questions should go to Samantha Clark (920-424-4452, ) or .


Candidacy/ Verification Requirements for All Students

  • Must be in full academic standing and have satisfied all deficiencies specified at the time of admission to the program.
  • Must obtain all necessary approval signatures before submitting the form to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Must submit a typed copy of the signed Candidacy/Verification form to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Discuss program-specific requirements that must be reflected on the Candidacy/Verification with a graduate faculty advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Complete a Program Modification Form if changes to your Candidacy/Verification are needed after you’ve submitted the form.
  • Submit an Application for Admission to Candidacy AND a Graduate Certificate or GAP Verification of Program Study if both a degree and certificate/GAP are being completed.

Application for Candidacy

Some programs require a specific Candidacy form unique to their program. If you are unsure of which form to complete, please ask your advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator, or contact the Office of Graduate Studies.  FOR MBA STUDENTS: The MBA program advisor completes candidacies for its students. Please contact  with any questions.

Application for Admission to Candidacy for a degree program

This form is for students who are completing a graduate-degree program and should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies after the completion of 9 graduate degree credits, but before 21 graduate degree credits.  Admission to Candidacy is required before submitting a Research Proposal Form (if needed depending on program), and no later than one term before the semester of graduation.  Please note, your graduate program may have separate, additional Candidacy requirements.

Nursing Candidacy Forms

The College of Nursing completes all Admission to Candidacy forms internally, and will contact students one semester before the semester of graduation. Questions can be directed to the College of Nursing’s Graduate Office  ().

Professional Counseling (MSE) Candidacy Forms

Social Work (MSW) Candidacy Forms


Graduate Certificate Or GAP - Verification of Program Study

The Graduate Certificate/GAP Verification of Program Study form is for students who are completing a certificate or GAP program.  Submit this form before the completion of nine (9) credits but no later than 15 credits.


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