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Graduate Student Course Registration

To enroll in any graduate course, you must have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution or be within nine credits of earning a bachelor's degree at UW Oshkosh. Before you enroll, determine your current graduate status described below.

If you are an admitted student to a master's degree, certificate or GAP program, you may register but should consult with your adviser.

If you are a non-degree seeking student, you may register for any course that does not have a prerequisite or is available to non-degree seeking students.

Note: There is a 12-credit limit on courses taken as a special student that may apply to a UW Oshkosh graduate degree.

If you are a guest student (degree-seeking student from another university):

  1. Consult the program coordinator at your home institution to determine which UW Oshkosh courses are acceptable.

  2. Complete a graduate registration form. (Click here to see note about completing the form.)

  3. Obtain approval from the UW Oshkosh graduate program coordinator in the department in which you wish to enroll.

  4. Submit the registration form to the Office of Graduate Studies (Dempsey 345).

If you are a re-entry student (previously attended UW Oshkosh as any type of graduate student but have not taken a class for more than two years), contact either your graduate program coordinator or the Office of Graduate Studies to determine the requirements to be activated to enroll in classes.

If you are a post-master's student, you may register for most courses without prerequisites. Call the Office of Graduate Studies at (920) 424-1223 before registering to update your record and verify your eligibility for enrollment.

If you are a final term senior at UW Oshkosh, you may enroll in a maximum of three graduate credits after you have supplied a letter from the undergraduate student status examiner stating you are within nine credits of graduation and meet all other admission requirements for full standing to the intended graduate degree program. Graduate Studies approval is required to enroll in any graduate course and other restrictions apply.

Registration Procedures

Graduate students may begin registering the first-day enrollment starts. View the registration calendar for dates and other information. Registration appointments are not needed for graduate students.

Courses with a catalog number of 5XX-699 are graduate level. Often these courses will have a related undergraduate equivalent (3XX-499) in which undergraduate students may enroll. Courses with 7XX-799 catalog numbers are for graduate students only.

Via TitanWeb

TitanWeb registration is the primary method to register for classes. Log in to access the system and use the tutorials, FAQs and online Help to navigate this registration system.

Periodically check the TitanWeb registration home page for regular announcements about registration and related items.

Contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions regarding adds or drops via TitanWeb.


Via Form

Identify the course(s) you want by using the TitanWeb schedule of classes. On a graduate registration form (Click here to see note about completing the form.) or university add card, complete all information. Be sure to include the class number, subject, catalog number, section number, course title and number of credits for each course. Mail/drop-off the completed form to UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies, 800 Algoma Blvd., Dempsey Hall, Room 345, Oshkosh, WI 54901.

In Person

In person registration must be done in the Registrar's Office (Dempsey Hall, Room 130) if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • A student has a service indicator (hold/stop)

  • A signature is required to enroll in a particular course

  • Some graduate programs and specific graduate courses require the approval of an adviser, program coordinator and the Office of Graduate Studies before registering. Thesis, clinical papers, field projects, comprehensive exams and independent study credits require departmental as well as Graduate Studies approval and are subject to the same add/drop dates as other courses.

  • A signature of the instructor for any AUDIT course

  • Registering for courses with time conflicts. Time conflicts will be accepted only upon request by the student and approval of the instructor(s) involved.

  • Additional reasons for signatures may vary but include department verification of prerequisites, enrollment limits, priority to certain students in the program, etc. If a specific course in which you wish to enroll requires a signature, please contact the program, the Registrar’s Office or the Office of Graduate Studies for assistance.

In-person registration process

  • Develop a conflict-free schedule using Titan Web class search feature. Titan Web will contain current enrollment and seat availability information. Students may, on space available basis, repeat courses in which they received a grade lower than B to improve their grade.

  • Complete the graduate registration form (Click here to see note about completing the form.) if registering for all courses at once. If you have already registered and wish to add a course(s) that requires a signature, use an add card.

  • Present the completed registration form or add card to any of the service-counter staff in the Registrar's Office (Dempsey Hall, Room 130) or mail your form to the Office of Graduate Studies. You will be notified of any other requirements to process your registration.


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Note regarding completing the registration form:

The registration form is an editable PDF document.  FIRST, DOWNLOAD the blank form, SAVE THE BLANK VERSION to your desktop or a folder to your computer, then fill in the fields.  [Filling-in the form when it's open in a browser tab and then saving it will clear the form; your saved copy will be blank.]  To move through the document tab from field to field, or click in each field individually.  Some fields are required.  When finished, RESAVE THE FILLED-IN FORM, print, sign, and date the completed form.  Get a department/instructor signature if needed.  Return the completed form to the department, program, or Graduate Studies Office as appropriate.