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Course Registration information for graduate credential/concurrent enrollment courses

UW Oshkosh is leading the way to help with your professional development or achieve HLC compliance as a concurrent enrollment instructor with a new array of graduate credentialing courses.  If you identify as any of the following, our professional development/HLC-compliant graduate courses will apply toward your credentials as a concurrent enrollment instructor.

  • CAPP instructor
  • Associated with NEWERA
  • A concurrent enrollment instructor
  • A Technical College instructor
  • Seeking professional development as a concurrent enrollment instructor or other

Summer 2018 Course List

Graduate Student Record/Registration Form

Registration Procedures 

  • Identify the course(s) you want from the list of classes (downloading this PDF list will included bookmarks for the courses).
  • Complete a graduate student record/registration form.  Fill-in all the information on both pages of the form (click here to see additional information about completing the form).
  • Note: Be sure to indicate your student status on the form.  Not doing so may result in being billed at a higher tuition rate and your record not being properly identified for HLC-compliant credentialing purposes.
  • On the form include the course information: 5-digit class number, subject, 3-digit catalog number, 3-digit section number and letter suffix, class title, and the number of credits.  Obtain course signature if needed.
  • You have multiple options to submit the form.
    • Email the form as an attachment to
    • Fax the form to 920-424-0247.  Please include a header/cover page for: Graduate Studies
    • If you're on campus or wish to mail a paper copy, please do so to the following address:

UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies Office
800 Algoma Blvd, Dempsey Hall 345
Oshkosh WI  54901 

Registration Processing

  • The UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies Office will process the form.
  • Once the Graduate Studies Office creates and/or updates your graduate student record, you'll receive an email message from Graduate Studies with further information about your student ID, access to email, your online student record, and other information.
  • The UW Oshkosh Registrar's Office will notify you via your UW Oshkosh email when your registration for the class(es) is processed.  This email will identify there's been a change in your TitanWeb record.  You can check your TitanWeb class schedule to verify the enrollment.
  • In the future, after your UW Oshkosh graduate student record is established, you'll be able to register for classes online and access your student record through the TitanWeb system. 
  • Feel free to contact the Graduate Studies Office if you have any questions about this registration process.



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Note regarding completing the registration form:

The registration form is an editable PDF document.  Fill in the fields online and save the form to your computer.  Either digitally or manually sign and date the completed form.  If needed, get your course instructor's approval.  Email the form to for processing.  To move through the document you can tab from field to field or click in each field individually.  Some fields are required.  You may or may not an instructor signature.  For CAPP/NEWERA students, the Graduate Studies Office will facilitate approvals/notifications of your enrollment with the campus CAPP office.