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Policy and Disclaimer

The Office of Graduate Studies

UW Oshkosh

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Note to Readers

THE GRADUATE FACULTY invite your attention to the numerous degree, achievement and certificate programs and the varied courses in this publication. We are dedicated to high standards of scholarly achievement and professional development. Graduates of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Office of Graduate Studies may be found regionally, nationally and worldwide in positions of leadership and responsibility. We are proud to present this edition of the Bulletin.

This Bulletin does not establish or constitute a contract between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and students enrolled at this institution. The Bulletin provides descriptive and summary information that outlines University and Office of Graduate Studies rules, regulations, course listings, degree programs and fee schedules, which are in effect at the times of publication. The University retains the exclusive right to change, modify or interpret, at any time, the descriptions contained in the Bulletin. The University administration and faculty, with the concurrence of the Board of Regents and the administration of the University of Wisconsin System, also retains the right to change fees and to add, modify or withdraw courses or degree, achievement or certificate programs at any time. The student is responsible for verifying the information contained herein.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is committed to a policy of fairness and equal opportunity for all. A diverse student body, faculty and staff, which reflect the variety of pluralism of society, is desired and encouraged. Moreover, equal access to benefits, programs, services, employment and educational opportunities is assured for all, without regard to sex, color, marital or parental status, race, age, national origin, religion, handicap, sexual preference, political affiliation or beliefs and arrest or conviction record, ancestry, creed or sexual orientation. Inquiries regarding University compliance with equal opportunity/affirmative action laws and regulations may be directed to the University Director of Affirmative Action (920) 424-0330.

Graduate students entering University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate programs during the period summer 2012 through spring 2014 are expected to assume full responsibility for the contents of this Bulletin.


Chemical Exposure

Certain courses and research projects require that students work with chemicals while engaging in academic studies. Many of these chemicals may be hazardous to your health. Instructors of these courses and research projects must inform and train students on procedures that will maintain the students' personal health and safety and provide them with information on the hazards of specific chemicals that will be used during their course of study. Furthermore, instructors must enforce and follow safety policies. Prior to use of hazardous materials and equipment, students shall review the procedures and information, and discuss any associated concerns with the instructor.

Contact: Environmental Health and Safety Department - Dempsey Hall 236

Phone: 920-424-1009

On the Web:


Winter Weather Advisory

 UW Oshkosh has an automated telephone line for timely information concerning class cancellations for winter weather-related conditions. Make note to call 920-424-0000 for the latest information. Please note that the University rarely suspends classes campus-wide for weather-related conditions. Students should be aware that some faculty and instructional academic staff may cancel specific classes and will provide information specific to these courses (e.g., including such information as arrangements for making up any canceled sessions).

In addition to notifying radio and television stations, the University's official website ( will also post notices of weather-related news.