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Fees and Payment Information


All information pertaining to academic fees and dates may be subject to change after posting of this Bulletin. It is the student's responsibility to verify the accuracy of all fee information.


Residency Determination

Section 36.27 of the Wisconsin Statutes sets forth the conditions under which a student qualifies as a resident of Wisconsin for tuition purposes. Students are classified as residents or non residents at the time of admission or enrollment. This determination remains unchanged until such time as the student presents or the Office of Graduate Studies obtains information that warrants a change of a student’s residency classification.


A change in residency classification is not an automatic procedure. The student requesting a change must file the necessary forms and provide satisfactory proof of bonafide residency in Wisconsin. The required forms and information can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Studies office, Dempsey Hall 337, (920) 424-1223.


University Fees

NOTE:  All tuition and fees were at the date of this posting.  There may be changes based on decisions made by the UW System Board of Regents.
The following fee information applies to fall, 2012. When determined and released by the Board of Regents (after posting), new fee information for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 will be available from the Student Accounts Office, Dempsey Hall Room 236 and on the UW Oshkosh Web Site. For further information, call (920) 424 1332.

Fall 2012
Semester Fees


Graduate $4,287.73  $  8,853.16
Graduate Business (includes enhancement fee) $6,004.75  $10,583.23


Part-Time Per Credit
Fall 2012
Semester Fees


Graduate $  479.39 $   986.36
Graduate Business (includes enhancement fee) $  670.17 $1,178.59


Audit-Only per credit
Fall 2012
Semester Fees


Graduate $  181.62 $  520.62


Credit and Audit per credit
Fall 2012
Semester Fees


Graduate $  479.39 $  1,018.59



1. Effective Fall 2012, three dollars of the assessed charges are the mandatory fee collected for the United Council of the University of Wisconsin Students. Students taking only off-campus courses are exempt from this fee. Students wishing to receive a refund of this fee may request it from: United Council of the University of Wisconsin Students, 14 W. Mifflin Street, Suite 212, Madison, WI 53703. United Council, consisting of representatives from all the University of Wisconsin schools, lobbies on behalf of students and works for the system-wide improvement of student life and services.

2. Wisconsin residents meeting certain conditions and receiving Federal Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance benefits (OASDI) are not charged fees for auditing courses. Proof of benefits must be provided to Student Accounts, Dempsey Hall, Room 236.

3. Additional mandatory special course fees are listed below by the respective course number.


Special Course Fees

(Non refundable, subject to change without notice)



Students who elect to use precious material must pay the additional cost.


There are separate tuition/fees for MBA courses. Consult the Student Accounts Receivable and MBA websites for specific information.


Please check with the department to see if any additional fees apply to your class.


Social Work

There are separate tuition/fees for the Social Work program. Consult the Student Accounts Receivable website for specific information.


Housing Fees - 2011-2012


Room Cost (per semester)

Double $1,830.00

Single $2,532.00

Double, suite-style (Taylor Hall) $2,098.00

Single, suite-style (Taylor Hall) $2,798.00


Dining Fees - 2011-2012

Meal Plans and Cost

15 Meals  $1,224

21 Meals  $1,298

100 Meal Block  $670 (commuter)

TitanDollars Plan  $1,328

For other meal plan options see the dining services meal plan website at:


Application for Admission Fee

The application fee for admission to a graduate degree, achievement or certificate program is $56. This is a non-refundable fee and cannot be waived.

Transcript Fee

One official complimentary transcript will be issued upon conferral of a graduate degree, certificate or achievement program from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. This transcript will be mailed to the student with the diploma or certificate. For additional transcripts the fee is $8.00 each for 2 business day processing.  Expedited delivery is available for an additional fee.  The appropriate fee for the number of transcripts requested must be paid at the time the request.  More information can be found on the web at

Library Fees

Library charges are levied for overdue and lost books.

Residence Hall Fees

Each hall's programs and events are funded by a voluntary activity fee of $25 for the academic year.


Payment Information

(Subject to change without notice)


Payments of all fees are due on the established dates specified in the Fee Payment Deadline Dates schedule through the Student Accounts Receivable website: Students on the partial payment plan may pay less than full fees (10%/45%/45%) as specified in the installment agreement.


Payments may be made by cash, money order or check (payable to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh). Payments may be mailed or made in person through the University Cashier's Office.  Mail payments should be sent to University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, ATTN: Cashier's Office, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh WI 54901.  On campus the Cashier's Office is located in Dempsey Hall, Second Floor, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901.


Payments also may be made on the TitanWeb with MasterCard, American Express, Discover or E-check; Visa is not accepted.  A 2 1/2% convenience fee is assessed on all credit card transactions.  Credit card payments are NOT accepted at the Cashier’s window or by phone.


The Partial Payment Plan allows students to pay their fees in installments during the semester. After the down payment (as specified in the agreement) has been made, the remaining balance is divided into two equal payments due in approximately 30-day intervals. A finance charge of 1 percent per month on the unpaid balance is assessed (12 percent per annum effective rate). To apply for the Partial Payment Plan or for additional information, contact the Student Accounts Office, Dempsey Hall 236, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901, 7:45 a.m.—4:30 p.m. or telephone (920) 424 1332. It is only necessary to apply for installment credit once.


Fee Refunds

(Subject to change without notice)

Refund of fees is based on the date of official drop or withdrawal. The refund schedule below covers academic fees and applies to withdrawing students or students dropping courses below the full time level. Note that the fee refund schedule and course drop/withdrawal deadlines are different. Always verify if the date of a drop/withdrawal will be eligible for a refund.


Percentage of Refund by Week

 Course Length Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
 3 Weeks 100%    25%    0%    0% 0%
 7 weeks 100%    50%    0%    0% 0%
10 weeks 100%    50%  25%    0% 0%
14 weeks 100%  100%  50%  50% 0%
17 weeks 100%  100%  50%  50% 0%


*Note: To students who receive financial aid, federal regulations governing these programs may require a larger refund to federal funding sources than the amount specified by the above refund policy. The student is responsible for the difference. If you are in this category, consult the Student Accounts Office, Dempsey 236, or call (920) 424-1332 for the appropriate schedule.


Refunds of campus housing and meal charges are made on a prorated basis computed weekly. Students must check out of the residence halls according to procedures available at the main desk in each hall. The check-out date will be used to determine charges and refunds for housing.


Students enrolled at more than one University of Wisconsin System institution may combine credits taken in order to determine their full-time status and fee assessment. Present evidence of fees paid and credits being taken with a request for reimbursement of fees paid in excess of full-time to the Student Accounts Office, Dempsey Hall 236. Call (920) 424 1332 for information.

Appeals of Fees

Appeals for exception to any of the fee payment policies and procedures must be made in writing to the Student Accounts Office, Dempsey Hall 236.

Administrative Charges

(Subject to change without notice)

Board of Regents fee policy requires prompt payment of all University fees. A required administrative fee is assessed in the following circumstances:

  • When payment is made after the established due date, a $75 administrative charge could be assessed.

  • Courses may be withdrawn if fees are still outstanding after the established due date. Withdrawal refers only to your registration; the amount unpaid may still be due.

Cash Handling Procedures Related to University Transactions

Normally payments of fees, room, board, special course charges and other miscellaneous costs are made to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and presented to the Cashier's Office located in Dempsey Hall 232.  

Payments for such items as supplies, textbooks, etc. purchased in the Student Union or Bookstore are presented to cashiers in those areas.  

Money is sometimes collected in class by instructors for optional field trip costs and charges of a similar nature. In these situations, students are entitled to an Official University receipt for payment from the instructor. Any questions regarding fees and fee payment should be directed to Student Accounts, (920) 424-1332.