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Being An International Student at UW Oshkosh

Home to international students from around the world — representing more than 40 countries — the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers you life-changing opportunities to make the most of your global graduate experience. UW Oshkosh offers award-winning faculty, regionally accredited programs, and quality support services. As a graduate student, you can choose from 2 doctoral, 17 master's, 25 certificate programs, and a post-master's (Graduate Achievement Program-GAP).  Here's a peek at what goes on in a classroom for graduates studies at UW Oshkosh.  

While exploring us, also visit the U.S. government's "Study in the States" website to learn about what's involved in coming to and studying in the United States. 

** - Information only.  The UW Oshkosh and the Office of Graduate Studies do not endorse, recommend, prefer or advise applicants and students about the use of private, public, or governmental funding sources.  If an individual chooses to use any funding source(s) other than personal resources, the individual is solely responsible for all obligations related to the funding.