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Benefits of a Graduate Education at UW Oshkosh

A graduate degree opens doors for professional and personal growth. Discover the benefits of graduate study and what makes UW Oshkosh a great place to earn your degree.

Explore your passion

Graduate education provides you with advanced, specialized study that is beyond your undergraduate education. You will engage in research and learn from today’s experts and leaders in their fields, gaining hands-on, real-world experience.

Widen your employment opportunities

Individuals with master’s degrees have an edge in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the opportunity to find employment and shorter periods of unemployment are advantages of those having graduate and professional degrees

Develop new skills

Whether you're interested in pursuing a new career or advancing in your current career, graduate studies provide you with the opportunity to acquire new skills and competencies for professional growth.

Increase your salary

With a graduate degree, many individuals see an immediate increase in pay. On average, those with master’s, professional, or doctoral degrees earn significantly more throughout the course of their careers than those with only a bachelor's degree.