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Admissions Process

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies at UW Oshkosh should review the following information:


The first step in the application process is to complete the online UW System application for admission to UW Oshkosh. A $56 non-refundable application fee is required.  If you've previously paid the graduate admission application fee for any program at UW Oshkosh within the past 10 years, you do not have to pay the fee again.

Processing will not proceed if a fee is required and not paid.  It's recommended you pay the fee at the time you submit the on-line application.

Applicants to the following programs should use the additional/different admission instructions by following the links below:



The admission deadlines for UW Oshkosh's graduate programs vary by program. Check the Program Requirements and Deadlines page for specific requirements and deadlines information. 


When completing the online application, be certain to provide the appropriate number of professional/academic references (relatives are not acceptable) who can assess your ability to do graduate work.  The Professional path MBA program does not require letters of recommendation.  In the online application be sure to:

  • Provide complete name and contact information (accurate email addresses are critical).

  • Check program admission requirements and websites for other reference information.  Some programs use a special reference form, identify the number of references needed, suggest who the recommenders should be, or certain other characteristics the recommender must address.

The Office of Graduate Studies will notify recommenders to provide a reference in support of the applicant's admission. Reference letters can also be sent separately directly to the . If letters come directly to the Office of Graduate Studies, the letters must be in envelopes sealed by the reference(s).  Some programs require that references only submit their recommendations via email.

NOTE: Various programs have different reference requirements. Please check the program-specific admission instructions first for specific reference requirements.


Applicants must have all official undergraduate transcripts from regionally-accredited schools sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies from the issuing institution. Copies "issued to student" are not considered official.  Only transcripts from regionally accredited schools will be considered.

NOTE: If an applicant is a current or former UW Oshkosh graduate or undergraduate student, he/she does not need to provide an official UW Oshkosh transcript.

Program-specific requirements

Since many of UW Oshkosh’s graduate programs have their own admissions requirements and application deadlines in addition to or different from the Office of Graduate Studies’ requirements, it’s important to consult with each programs’ individual web site for these details. Visit Program Requirements and Deadlines for program-specific information.