Re-entering/Returning Students

Students apply for and are admitted to begin graduate work at UW Oshkosh in a specific term.

Usually the admission will be considered valid for the succeeding semester and summer session. The time period in which admission is valid will vary among programs. Students who are unable to begin graduate work in the term of admission but who wish to begin at a later time must contact the Office of Graduate Studies to determine what must be done to change the original entrance term date.

Once course work begins, registration in each successive semester (excluding summer) for admitted students is expected. However, special circumstances may result in occasional semesters with no enrollment. Students who are unable to take at least one course during a 24–month period should consult with their graduate program coordinator to determine how to proceed.

In all cases, the maximum period allowed without enrollment at UW Oshkosh is 24 months. Students are eligible to restart, within the 24–month maximum, simply by registering and successfully completing program courses, based upon current program registration requirements. Students who exceed the 24-month maximum period without taking a course at UW Oshkosh are required to submit a formal request to their program coordinator to resume classes.

Students should expect that some qualifying experience to demonstrate currency in the program might be required. This experience will be determined with and approved by the program coordinator. Any period of non-continuous course work is still considered part of the total time toward degree completion.

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