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Nonresident* Graduate Partial Tuition Remission

A need-based financial award, the Nonresident* Graduate Partial Tuition Remission, is available only to eligible full-time international students (F-1 visa holders). View the guidelines.


~$9,131.00 (approximate for AY 2018–2019)

This amount varies from year to year based on changes in tuition. All awards are subject to funding availability from the state of Wisconsin.

Awards are made on either a semester or academic year basis. Remissions are not available for completing a second graduate degree or certificate at UW Oshkosh. This award is available only to international students.

The award is automatically renewable unless funding is no longer available or the student fails to meet any academic or administrative requirements as applicable.  A full tuition remission (waiver) is not available.

Eligibility requirements

Students are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • Admitted in full-standing to a graduate degree or certificate program.

  • Continuous, full-time enrollment each spring and fall semester.

  • Financial need is the primary consideration for receiving a remission.

View the complete eligibility and policy guidelines for nonresident* graduate partial tuition remissions.

Application process 

Complete an application form, describing in detail the specific financial circumstances that demonstrate your financial need for the award, and send to the Office of Graduate Studies

This application is in addition to the 4-page “Confidential Declaration of Financial Resources” form that is submitted in conjunction with your full application for admission portfolio.

Please note the following about this award:

  • The amount and number of awards available each semester and academic year are subject to funding availability.

  • An applicant for these awards is responsible for understanding and adhering to all award procedures and requirements.

  • All amounts listed are US dollars.

  • The statements contained herein are for information purposes only and do not imply any guarantee of receiving an award.

  • A full tuition remission (waiver) is not available. 


If you have additional questions about this award, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies. Continuing students should also contact the Graduate Studies Office with any questions about their award. 

* - Nonresident refers to that portion of tuition over and above resident tuition.  All students are responsible for paying the resident portion of tuition for which they are billed.  This is in addition to all other fees and expenses charged.