International Applicants

Applicant Admission Requirements

International applicants need to:

  1. Submit a graduate school application and pay the application fee
  2. Submit the additional admission materials for your specific graduate program
  3. Submit all the materials on the International Applicant Checklist

Your admission decision will be made after we receive all three sets of materials. Please submit materials as soon as possible.

Please be aware that there are some situations where International applicants may not be admitted:

    • When all or most of the courses are online
      • F-1 visa status limits the number of online credits a student may take during a given semester
    • When applying after a program’s admission deadline
      • Exceptions will be considered for applicants already in the United States who hold a current F-1, H-1B, or other statuses eligible to study
    • When applying to graduate programs that do not result in a masters or doctoral degree

Please contact if you have any questions.

International Applicant Checklist

Please provide the following materials as soon as possible. Contact if you have any questions.

Submit 1-4 to Graduate Studies email:

1. Obtain a Credential Evaluation Report for each international transcript
    • Select an accredited evaluator on either the NACES or AICE websites
      • Applicants frequently use WES, ECE, Inc., or Josef Silny & Associates, but any accredited evaluator is acceptable
      • If you use International Education Evaluations, Inc. (IEE), use this specific website for UW Oshkosh and request the Course Report instead of the General Report
    • Request a report for each international undergraduate transcript. If you are applying for a doctoral program, also submit reports for each international post-graduate transcript.
    • We only accept reports sent directly from the evaluator to
    • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an equivalent degree from an international institution is required. International applicants must have a degree equivalent to a regionally accredited U.S. bachelor’s degree. International applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree before starting graduate school.
2. Send official/attested undergraduate and post-undergraduate transcripts to
    • Transcripts must be in English. To find a certified translator who can translate from your native language, visit the American Translators Association website.
    • Include transcripts, mark sheets, degree diplomas and certificates
    • If your Credential Evaluation Report contains copies of these documents, you may skip this step
    • If you uploaded English translated documents as part of your online application, you may skip this step
3. Send evidence of English proficiency to
    • This requirement is waived if English is an official language in your country of citizenship
    • We accept any one of the following sources:
      • An official iBT TOEFL score (minimum 79).   The testing agency must send results to UW Oshkosh (#1916).
      • An official IELTS overall band score (minimum 6.5). The testing agency must send results to UW Oshkosh.
      • Successful completion of Kings’ Education Graduate Preparation Program (scroll down for UW Oshkosh information). Kings’ Education must email transcripts to
      • Completion of the WESLI program at the 700 level with a B average or better, and a WESLI recommendation for graduate studies. WESLI must email these items to
    • In some cases, one of the criteria below may also demonstrate English proficiency. Email, indicate which of the following list applies in your situation and ask for an English proficiency test waiver:
      • Attended a U.S. college or university continuously for more than one year
      • Completed a U.S. undergraduate or graduate degree
      • Received an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution where English is verified as the language of instruction for both degree and non-degree courses
4. Optional: Apply for a tuition reduction award
  • Complete the Financial Verification Form. See #6 below. 
  • What is a tuition reduction award?
    • A tuition reduction award reduces International student tuition from non-resident to resident tuition rates
    • For example, if non-resident tuition is $9,000 per semester and resident tuition is $5,000, the student receives a $4,000 tuition reduction award so the student pays $5,000 instead of $9,000
    • Tuition reduction awards continue each semester as long as funding is available and the student remains eligible
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer tuition rates less than resident tuition
  • Who is eligible for a tuition reduction award?
    • Students may apply for the award if they meet all these requirements:
      • Holds an F-1 visa; or is a US citizen whose legal residence is outside the U.S.
      • Applies for admission to a UW-Oshkosh graduate degree-seeking program or graduate certificate program
      • Will be earning their first graduate degree or graduate certificate from any U.S. institution
      • Plans to enroll as a full-time student taking classes each fall and spring semester until graduation
      • Demonstrates financial need
      • Has a history of superior past academic achievement
    • Tuition reduction awards are made after students are admitted to a program
      • Only students admitted in full standing are eligible to receive the award
      • Students admitted on probation may apply for the award after their probationary period
    • Students receiving resident tuition through a Graduate Assistant job are not eligible for additional tuition reduction awards
    • Students receiving tuition reduction awards are eligible for awards each semesters if funds are available and they meet these requirements:
      • Maintain full standing as a student and are not on probation or suspension
      • Enroll in classes continuously (take classes every fall and spring semester)
      • Enroll as a full-time student (complete at least 9 graduate credits each fall and each spring semester)
      • Take at least 5 graduate credits if enrolled in a summer semester; enrolling in summer semester is optional
      • Demonstrate financial need
      • Earn at least a 3.000 graduate grade point average (GPA) each semester
    • Read the complete eligibility and policy guidelines here
  • How do I apply for a tuition reduction award?
    • Complete the UWO Immigration Document Application Form in Section 6 below.

If you have any questions, contact

International Student Services has the following requirements separate from the Grad School’s requirements. Please note that if you are already working with a representative from UWO’s International Student Services to apply for the I-20 or have filled out these materials and submitted them to International Student Services, you do not have to fill them out again.

Submit 5-7 to International Student Services

5. Bringing dependents with you
    • If you plan to bring one or more dependents (spouse/children) with you to the U.S., request the “Dependent Application” from BEFORE you complete the UWO Immigration Document Application which is in Section 6 below.
6. Complete the UWO Immigration Document Application Form
  • Complete the UWO Immigration Document Application Form. ALL applicants complete this form regardless of the source of funding. This is the same form that you use to apply for the Tuition Reduction Award. You will use this form to upload these documents:
  • Evidence of financial resources. This can be an electronic or print copy of financial documents. If the statement is not in English, provide a letter from the financial institution confirming the amount.
  • Copy of the biographical page of your passport.
  • Optional: Tuition Reduction Award Application. When you fill out the UWO Immigration Document Application Form, you can also apply for the tuition reduction award. On the question that asks “Are you requesting a remission of non-resident tuition?” respond “yes.” You’ll then be asked to provide the following information in 500-1,000 words:
    • The reasons for your financial need
    • The experiences or activities that demonstrate your academic excellence
    • Your access to adequate financial resources to pay for your education beyond tuition

For any questions regarding the UWO Immigration Document Application, please contact or call the Office of International Education at +1 920-424-0775

7. Complete TB Questionnaire
    • Complete the TB Questionnaire (Student Health Form). You may begin this step before you receive an admissions letter or before you receive an I-20, or you may wait to hear the results of your Application for Admission and your I-20 before beginning. If the application deadline is soon, consider submitting these documents as soon after you have completed the above list as possible.

Information about Form I-20 & F-1 Visa

If you are an international applicant interested in studying as an F-1 student, be aware that 100% online programs do not qualify you to obtain an F-1 visa. Find a list of our 100% online graduate programs here.

If you plan to live outside the U.S. while you study, we encourage you to apply to one of our 100% online graduate programs. These programs don’t require any visa processing, financial documents or health information.

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